£2 mascara luring users away from luxury brands – which sells every 7 seconds

During the course of a year, the average woman in the UK will spend £482.5.

When you break this down, that works out as £2.39 a day.

So it's always good when a bargain beauty buy becomes a cult classic, saving us pennies – but still doing the job as well as luxury or designer brands.

Fitting neatly into this category is Primark's P.S. Wonderlash Mascara, which costs just £2 and is enticing luxury beauty lovers away from their usual brands.

The new and improved Primark Beauty range hit stores at the beginning of April and has proven to be such a big hit with shoppers and beauty fans, that the retail giant now sells one mascara every seven seconds, adding up to 5,000 of the lash essentials every single day.

Which is phenomenal.

P.S. Wonderlash Mascara is said to be perfect for transforming short, straight eyelashes and the leaping bunny on the packaging means it's also cruelty-free, which is always good to know.

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