5 Celeb Couples That Have Already Broken Up in 2023

Camila and Austin’s split was actually confirmed in the Lox Club newsletter (he’s the CEO!), but a source also told Entertainment Tonight that “There’s no bad blood between them and they’re both just very busy in their careers. It became difficult to balance that and their relationship.”

Back in November 2022, Camila gave her thoughts on dating to Drew Barrymore, saying, “I feel like date is even the wrong word. For me, dating is all about making friends. Just focus on making friends, and then if you’re at a dinner party and your focus is on making great friends, on friendships, and then if there’s a physical attraction to somebody, then it happens but it’s natural. But you’re not focused on giving, like, three hours or a full night of dating to a stranger because that’s a waste of life.”

Maisie and Reuben ended their relationship after five years, news that Maisie announced via Insta Stories—saying it was the “end of an era.”

“@reubenselby_ and I decided to end our relationship,” she wrote. “Since we met 5 years ago, our connection always extended deeply into our shared, and separate, creative careers… and it will continue to do so…. This decision is something we are so grateful for so as we can protect the magic, that we can’t help but emit, whenever we put out brains together.”

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