A shame Weather star Elizabeth Rizzini on BBCs lack of coverage at Wimbledon

Elizabeth Rizzini forecasts blustery winds and showers

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BBC weather star Elizabeth Rizzini addressed her absence from Wimbledon 2021. The meteorologist is a regular fixture at the annual sporting event held in June, where she presents the weather for BBC London News.

The mum-of-two admitted she loves to attend Wimbledon and it is her favourite event on the calendar, but she was noticeably absent this year.

The weather forecaster revealed she was unable to attend the sports event as she admitted the BBC had fewer media presence as a result of Covid restrictions.

Elizabeth explained: “I love doing Wimbledon. I wasn’t there this year.

“They weren’t issuing as many passes so there wasn’t a big BBC presence as there is normally which is a shame.

“But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go back as that is the highlight of the year.”

BBC Breakfast weather host Carol Kirkwood was in attendance at Wimbledon earlier this year.

Elizabeth admitted she has not seen her colleague in a long time due to restrictions at the studios.

“I haven’t seen Carol in such a long time. It’s such a shame. It’s because of Covid,” she explained.

“I usually get to see her everyday when I went into work because we were based on the same shifts. I’d be doing either my regional shift or I would be covering 5Live breakfast.”

She went on: “I’d always see her and she’s such a lovely lady. All the hype is absolutely true.

“[Carol’s] marvellous. I love her to death. We just haven’t seen each other. We’ve been texting every so often.”

Meanwhile, the mum-of-two recalled the moment she suffered a wardrobe disaster at Wimbledon, just minutes before going on-air.


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The small-screen star admitted she was left unimpressed but added it had been a bit of a “party year” at the annual event.

Addressing the incident, Elizabeth explained: “At Wimbledon, somebody poured a load of Pimms over me. I was really annoyed about it. Not live on-air but in the dress rehearsal.”

She continued: “The following year they were checking people’s bags to see how much alcohol they were bringing in. It was a party year that one.

“Some guy thought it would be really funny to pour his drink over me so I was a bit wet when we went on-air.”

As the on-screen star delivered her weather update, Elizabeth said security was soon on hand.

“There was a big burly security guard standing right behind me just out of shot,” she admitted.

Elizabeth often presents the forecast at Wimbledon but was unable to this year amid coronavirus restrictions.

The forecaster explained that the BBC had not been issued with as many media passes as previous years.


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