Anna Delvey has launched a fake law firm called Double D

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Anna Delvey is somehow still in the U.S., specifically an ICE detention center in New York, after being arrested for overstaying her visa. She was supposed to be deported back to Germany months ago, but is somehow still here. I guess ICE doesn’t prioritize deportations of European nationals. Anyway, Anna attempted a manufactured viral moment by announcing her new (fake) law firm, Delvey & Daughters, to be called Double D for short. This has to be a joke, right?

Despite having no legal training, and still being held at a correctional facility, Delvey announced her new law firm Delvey & Daughters – ‘Double D’ for short – in a public statement on Thursday.

The firm is payable through Dogecoin and can be reached through 1-800-BETTER-CALL-ANNA, a play on the Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul which chronicles a crooked attorney.

While Delvey’s law firm announcement is clearly as fake as her German heiress claims, it appears to be a dig at her legal representation.

In her statement, she admits that ‘jail is not a great look for a lawyer but… it merely means I have more time to focus on solving my clients’ issues as opposed to waiting time on pointless dinners and small talk.’

In fact, her current attorney, Manny Arora, seemed stunned and a little frustrated by the revelation when reached by

She told us that she had not been informed of Delvey’s apparent new career ambitions and that it was ‘impossible’ for her to found a law firm.

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I did chuckle at the name (both of them), but that’s how you know it’s a joke. Apparently Anna pulled this stunt because she’s unhappy with her lawyer’s perceived inaction on her behalf. The line about focusing on clients instead of “pointless dinners and small talk” is too pointed a jab to be a throwaway line. Anna’s actual lawyer’s response that she had no idea and Anna can’t found a law firm is also a bit of a head scratcher. Did the lawyer think the news was real as opposed to some (very elaborate) shade? It’s a pretty passive aggressive move for Anna, who has previously come off as blunt/brash. Why pull such a lame, immature move? My guess is that Anna is bored out of her skull in jail with no schemes to concoct and no one to scam so she has to resort to this petty poking at her lawyer to entertain herself. Maybe she binged Better Call Saul in jail, hence the reference in the fake phone number.

Here’s her announcement:

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