Apprentice star Charlotte Lottie Lion claims BBC show is massively scripted to spin a narrative

Former The Apprentice star Charlotte 'Lottie' Lion has claimed that the BBC One series is 'massively scripted' to 'spin a narrative'.

The 22 year old, who starred on the 2019 series aged 19 and reached the nail-biting final five interview stage with Lord Alan Sugar in a bid to secure £250,000 to fund a private women-only members' club, claimed in an exclusive interview with OK! that producers of the hit show 'put ideas into your head'.

Charlotte explained how she was known as 'Charlie' in college but claimed that producers were keen for her to adopt the persona of 'Lottie Lion the Librarian' to fit with the TV show.

Speaking to OK!, Charlotte, who is in her first year of law and social sciences at the University of Bristol, said: "They [producers] liked the idea of 'Lottie Lion the Librarian'.

"I haven't changed my name on Instagram because that is my handle but it [Charlotte] is in my bio. I am reclaiming the name Charlotte."

The student also claimed that the team film for around 140 hours which is cut into a one-hour episode and described how it is 'massively' scripted.

She claimed: "They [producers] do vox pops which are the interviews after you have filmed a 'scene' and are the individual moments where they take you aside. They are literally feeding you narratives.

"You won't have even thought about it and they will be like: 'So Carina was really annoying in that wasn't she?'

"You are so wrapped up in that moment that you aren't even thinking about anybody else, just: 'Oh, I hope I didn't come across as a t*t.'

"But in the moment you are like: 'Oh wait yeah! She actually was really annoying.' They are able to put ideas into your head and spin a narrative that way. "

Meanwhile Charlotte, who has 56,100 Instagram followers and revealed that she is still subject to 'a lot of abuse in her DMs' following the show, said: "It [online abuse] is always, always, always to do with The Apprentice. I have never had an abusive message that is just from my profile it is always related to The Apprentice."

Charlotte, who previously revealed in an emotional video that she was 'terrified to go out in public' after she was targeted by online trolls, described how her 'alpha male' attributes on the show were branded 'arrogant and entitled' coming from a 'young female'.

She said: "I was behaving with attributes that would be likened to that of an alpha male, just a corporate, professional male. But because it was coming from a young female, I was branded b****y, obnoxious, arrogant and entitled.

"That was pretty shocking. I don't actually think there is any chap that you could liken myself to but Aaron [Willis] on the first episode of The Apprentice was behaving very similarly to how I did in the first episode.

"For example, being headstrong, wanting to put their points across, not wanting to appease anybody. People were tweeting: 'I really like that Aaron guy, he is going to go really far.' It is really interesting looking at the portrayals and how people interpret that."

Charlotte also described how she is 'really rooting for Sophie [Wilding] and Stephanie [Affleck]' along with 'Alex [Short] and Aaron' on the 2022 series.

She revealed how 27 year old commercial cleaning company owner Alex, from Hertford, has also reached out to her for 'tips' on how to deal with the limelight following the show.

"I think it was sort of a jokey thing like: 'Do you have any tips?'"

Sharing her wisdom, Charlotte advised Alex: "Be super careful who you trust. It is always the people that you know who will sell stories on you."

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