Ashley Cain hits back as trolls quiz him about £1.6m raised for daughter Azaylia

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Ashley Cain has been forced to defend himself and hit back after being accused of spending the £1.6million raised for his late daughter Azaylia on himself.

It has been three months since the former Ex On The Beach star and his partner Safiyya Vorajee tragically lost their baby girl, who was just eight months old, following a battle with leukaemia.

And on Tuesday, the 30 year old explained on his Instagram Stories that he noticed several trolls lashing out at him online and accusing him of spending the money on a new mountain bike and designer clothes.

The 30 year old eloquently explained that instead of spending the money, he had sold his car and had plans to donate his entire wardrobe for other children in need.

Ashley also explained that he and Safiyya, 33, didn't even have access to the large sum of money as it was being held until a charity could be set up in Azaylia's name.

Speaking in a lengthy video, Ashley said: "There is a very, very small percentage of people that seem to have some form of hate and bitterness towards me and my situation. I don't understand how you can be envious of my situation.

"Yet some people think it is viable to try and throw shade on what I am trying to do."

Addressing the trolls' comments, Ashley continued: "I actually got rid of my car during Azaylia's fight, so we had enough money to support ourselves and just in case anything happened.

"Our outgoings doubled because not only we were paying for our home, we were paying for hotels seven days a week for months on end, and we weren't working at the time either because we wanted to be dedicated to our daughter and our needs.

"I'm still not working now because I want to dedicate my time to building this foundation. As long as me and Sofia have enough money to eat and house ourselves."

Speaking about the £1.6 million raised in particular, Ashley clarified: "We have no access until the charity is set, we declared this publicly so it was transparent, and we couldn't use the money for any personal gains.

"Even though I'm not working and outgoings are so high, I have used the remaining personal funds I have to get this charity set up.

"That's how much this really means to me, and sometimes when I've had these blind, ignorant comments, I just don't understand it."

Ashley added that he was anticipating people criticising him for purchasing a flashy new car, so he went to the car dealership and purchased their worst car.

He also shared a short clip of all the clothes he was donating to charity.

Ashley added. "What I've gone through has literally ripped out my heart and my soul, what used to be important simply doesn't hold value anymore.

"What has given me the strength to continue is to fight for these children and to continue this amazing legacy that my daughter started," he continued.

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