Blessing in disguise Richard E Grant recalls final months in lockdown with late wife

Richard E. Grant reflects on losing his wife in 2021

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Withnail and I actor Richard E Grant has taken to Twitter to reflect on his final months with his wife before her death from lung cancer in September. In an emotional video, the Loki star addressed the last few months of his wife Joan Washington’s life, before wishing his followers a happy new year.

I’m just so grateful for almost four decades that we had together

Richard E Grant

In view of his 281,000 followers, Richard wrote: “-And so on that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

“Here’s to a Covid-free 2022” alongside an emoji of champagne flutes.

Appearing in the video in a black and blue checked shirt and corduroy jacket, the actor reflected on the time he spent with his wife.

He said: “Lockdown last year turned out to be a blessing in disguise because my wife and I spent nine months of our 38 year marriage with each other, every single minute of the day and night

“We then had eight months together, the last months of her life this year.

“And she said to me just before she died, ‘It’s going to be alright, try and find a pocketful of happiness in every single day,'” he added.

Richard went on: “And, I’m just so grateful for almost four decades that we had together and the gift that is our daughter.

“So on that note”, he added, before the video cut off.

The star was soon inundated with well-wishes from his Twitter fans following the moving video.

The actor’s late wife Joan passed away on September 3, eight months after receiving her stage-four lung cancer diagnosis.

Richard announced the news with a heartfelt video of the pair dancing to the song Only You.

He wrote: “ONLY YOU! Joan – Love of my Life & Giver of Life to our daughter Olivia.

“Our hearts are broken with the loss of your Life last night.

“35 years married & 38 together,” he added.

“To be truly known and seen by you, is your immeasurable gift.

“Do not forget us, sweet Monkee-mine,” he added.

The Gosford Park actor met Joan in 1982 after attending an accent class she was teaching.

They hit it off and a mere four years later they were married.

The couple share one daughter together, Olivia.

Richard is also step-father to Joan’s son from a previous marriage, Tom.

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