Bluefaces Reaction to His Son Announcing He Wants to Be a Nurse Draws Mixed Reactions

The 25-year-old ‘Respect My Cryppin’ ‘ spitter makes a quite controversy after he shares a video of him attending his young son Javaughn J. Porter’s graduation.

AceShowbizBlueface continued to make headlines with his social media posts. The “Respect My Cryppin’ ” rapper recently caused quite a controversy with his reaction to son announcing he wants to be a nurse when he grows up.

On Friday, June 3, the emcee shared a video of Javaughn J. Porter’s graduation. When the young boy was called to take his diploma, his dad, who was off the camera, said, “Please say something good.”

While he’s onstage, Javaughn declared, “I want to be a nurse.” However, the 25-year-old hip-hop star seemingly disapproved of the idea. He said, “No,” while giggling.

The post has since received mixed reactions from online users. Some people found the clip hilarious as they made references to Blueface’s fights, especially his recent family drama. One person in particular wrote, “Let him be a nurse. As much as they fight they will need one.” Another quipped, “I mean someone have to patch up all the black eyes that be going around in the family!!!!”

Others, however, were enraged by Blueface’s reaction. “What does he mean no? He hears his daddy struggling to catch a beat and be a rapper why would he want to do that same exact thing? Go head baby be a nurse,” one person argued. “Nurses saves lives,” another added. Someone else fumed, “What’s wrong with men being nurses? He so lame.”

Just days prior, Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold and his sister Kali Miller accused him of attacking them following a verbal altercation. However, his ride-or-die chick Chrisean Rock admitted that she was the one beating them up.

When sharing her side of the story, Chrisean said she was at Blueface’s house to help him hosting an event when his mom Karlissa Saffold, who has been staying there with her husband, suddenly threw a glass jar at her. “She swung on me before, but I let it slide,” the artist, who accused Karlissa of bullying her for two years, stated during an Instagram Live.

“You know, I don’t hit [other] people’s mothers. So, it took a lot in me to do what I had to do because she kept charging at me and was like, ‘I’mma beat the s**t out of you,’ and s**t like that,” Chrisean continued. “Her son was like, ‘Yeah, stick up for yourself. Don’t let her hit you.’ So, I said, ‘Alright. F**k it.’ I’m beating her up and stomping on her, and Blue finally breaks it up.

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