Change is scary A Place In The Suns Laura Hamilton bids farewell to stunning home

Laura Hamilton uses her coat to warm up her legs

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Laura Hamilton shared a heartfelt post on her social media, revealing that she and Alex have been packing their belongings as they settle into their new home. The A Place In The Sun presenter told her 140,000 followers that the process of moving had left her looking worse for wear, quipping that she wishes: “I could say I look like this photo right now”. 

Since the start of the new year we have been packing up our home ready to move

Laura Hamilton

The Instagram post featured a one-minute clip that started with a snap of a radiant-looking Laura gazing into the distance before images of her former house followed. 

The house underwent plenty of reconstruction, which strongly indicates that the couple spent a lot of time perfecting every room to their liking. 

Laura used neutral colours for her interior design, while the finishing touches to her former home included a large-sized swimming pool in her garden and an outdoor seating area.

The walls appeared to have been repainted; the roof tiles were replaced, along with the entrance gate, the windows, and the floor tiles. 

But after nine wonderful years, the 39-year-old says she’s ready to start a new beginning elsewhere.

“I wish I could say I look like this photo right now but I don’t because, since the start of the new year we have been packing up our home ready to move…” she wrote. 

“Today we close the door and say goodbye to a home that we have loved and enjoyed for the last 9 years -the longest I have lived anywhere in my entire adult life!”

The blonde beauty acknowledged that the home had been “transformed” after she and Alex had acquired it. 

And though Laura was anxious to make the move to find a new place she would call home, she soon realised that her fear of change would ultimately stop her from growing if she didn’t leave.

“It was a home that we transformed (as you can see in the photos),” she added.

“But MORE importantly it was a home where we created some incredible memories that we will cherish forever…

“Change can be scary but you know what is scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing.”

The Channel 4 star continued: “When it feels scary to jump that’s exactly when you jump, otherwise you just end up staying in the same place your whole life, and that I can’t do…”

Given that this had been the first time Laura has given fans an insight look into her home, her followers wasted no time sounding off in the comment section with their reaction. 

Some appeared puzzled by the move, stressing that the property looked “breathtakingly beautiful”, while others wished Laura all the best with her move. 

“Some lucky person will be moving into your house,” @mrs_flamme_rouge wrote. 

Another Instagram user by the name @burncburn added: “Wow why move. but hey busman’s holiday. (sic)

“New house new beginning as they say, enjoy the moment, you moving to a place in the sun?”

IG user @JeanieWhit seemed in awe of the house before saying they were looking forward to seeing what Laura does with her new place.

“All the best too you Laura and your family, your old house was beautiful can’t wait too see photos of your home too,” they penned. (sic)

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