Cheating? Drugs?? Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Breakup Gets Messy With New Accusations!

One of the most recent insider takes we got about the surprising split of newlyweds Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth was that they would probably get back together.

Seriously, a source claimed the reason they are in no rush to file for divorce is the hope they’re holding out for the relationship to get repaired.

It’s a reasonable expectation; after all they broke up and got back together once before. Miley even got a fantastic breakup song out of it.

However, as the breakup gets more acrimonious we have to wonder if all that hope is flying out the window.

What are we even talking about??

Well, in an effort to get to the root of the rift between the stars, TMZ did some digging and say they found sources close to Miley and sources close to Liam — and they’re telling wildly different tales about the breakup.

Apparently the purported Miley insiders, who already painted Miley as the one trying to save the marriage with better communication and therapy, are now revealing the true dealbreaker for the Party In The USA singer.

They claim Liam was on drugs!!!

According to these sources, the hunky Aussie has been drinking quite a bit and using “certain drugs” — which Miley took issue with.

If he does have a problem, it makes sense she would want to get him into therapy. Remember, the former Disney star has had some issues with substances herself, so it’s a sore subject.

Here’s the thing, though…

Sources close to Liam are apparently telling the outlet none of that is remotely true!

According to these insiders, the reason behind the split was hiding in plain sight — they allege she was cheating on him!

We’ve already seen Miley getting cozy with Brody Jenner‘s ex Kaitlynn Carter; those pics of them making out were from the day BEFORE the breakup announcement.

And for those of you straight guys out there who may not view this as real for some reason, just imagine if this was some guy Miley was making out with. You’d definitely be wondering about the possibility Miley had been unfaithful then.

We’ve since heard the couple had been separated for months before that — but according to sources on Liam’s side, that isn’t true! And the drug talk is just cover! One source was quoted as saying:

“This is another attempt by Miley to distract from her infidelity and recent outrageous public behavior.”


Now remember, this isn’t Miley or Liam saying any of this.

But if the sources really are close to their respective exes, and they’re getting this different a view of the breakup… well, there were definitely more problems between Miley and Liam than we thought.

What do YOU think of this new development??

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