Chrissy Teigen Reveals Daughter Luna’s Hamster Peanut Butter Has Died, & They Already Replaced Him

It was a sad day in the Legend household, for maybe a day or so.

Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on Tuesday (December 8) to very nonchalantly reveal that her 4-year-old daughter Luna‘s pet hamster Peanut Butter has died.

“oh. peanut butter the hamster died,” the 35-year-old cookbook author wrote.

She then followed up by revealing that Luna already has a new hamster, and his name is “New Peanut Butter.”

“but do not fret,” Chrissy tweeted along with a video showing off New Peanut Butter‘s Christmas stocking.

She also tweeted, “that is the name. don’t attack me!” just in case trolls had issue with New Peanut Butter‘s name.

Chrissy then shared some more details about (original) Peanut Butter‘s death, tweeting, “It hurts like it happened today but it happened uhhhh not today, I dunno I forget lmao”

Another fan then asked how Luna was holding, and Chrissy said, “she is okay. we are very open about life and death in the house and it was all good teachable moments, especially since she still asks about baby and stuff <3"

Chrissy also revealed that Peanut Butter‘s death happened “a couple weeks ago,” and that’s how she had a stocking ready for New Peanut Butter.

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