Courtney Stodden Says Chrissy Teigen Is Still A Bully AND Playing The Victim!

Courtney Stodden is calling it like they see it — and not falling for Chrissy Teigen‘s “cancel club” overtures, either!

The blonde bombshell and John Legend‘s wife have been at the center of a nasty controversy for the last two months, after Courtney recalled back in May that Chrissy told them to kill themself in a series of years-old direct messages.

On Wednesday, after weeks of being criticized for it across the internet, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model jumped back on Instagram and dipped her toe into the posting pool once more…

Just as we reported about at the time, Chrissy used her IG post to vent about being the newest member of “cancel club” in the wake of her apparently intense cyber bullying. ICYMI, here’s a reminder of the full post (below) — because it has come into play once again here after Stodden has officially responded:

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)

According to TMZ, who apparently spoke with Stodden about Teigen’s IG post, the media personality is calling “bull s**t” on Chrissy complaining about getting canceled because, as they correctly note, “cancel club” isn’t even a real thing. It should be called consequences club — you know, like, facing consequences for your actions. (AKA, being an adult??)

Anyways, Stodden — who identifies as non-binary — also told the media outlet that they are concerned Chrissy’s online whining will hurt their desire for the supermodel to actually see some consequences as part of this whole controversy. If she never faces consequences for her bullying, the thought goes, she’ll never change. Understandable!

And to be fair, at least Chrissy has started to face some ramifications for her bad behavior. But still, Courtney’s point stands: there’s a fine line between the social media star asking for forgiveness and playing the “woe is me” card to become the “cancel club” victim in this whole thing!

BTW, in addition speaking with TMZ, Courtney also took to TikTok on Thursday afternoon to share their thoughts about the supermodel momma’s comments. As you can see (below), Stodden wasn’t fooled by the sympathy angle:

Just be nice ???? #fyp #fypシ #bully #bekind #mentalhealth #chrissyteigen

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