‘Cried myself to sleep at night’ Coleen Nolan on Loose Women spat with Kim Woodburn

Loose Women: Kim Woodburn calls Coleen LYING TRASH

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Loose Women panellist Coleen Nolan has spoken candidly about the fallout she experienced after her argument with Kim Woodburn on her talk show. The presenter described it as “one of the worst times of her life” in an interview with Johnny Seifert on Secure The Insecure podcast. 

The podcast host started off by bringing up the feud and recalled the “heartbreaking” moment when the star got tearful on This Morning after being attacked mercilessly by trolls on social media. 

Coleen, 56, described how she “initially” tried to continue on as normal when she received backlash for the Loose Women panel’s treatment of Kim.

However, the star eventually found herself overwhelmed by the whole ordeal when she went on This Morning. 

“I think when I went on This Morning and broke down, it hit home then how horrendous it actually was.

“And I was trying to carry on, because the professional in me was like, ‘Oh, it’s happened and you just have to carry on’.

“But actually it was one of the worst times of my life.”

The star went on to describe how the whole situation “went out of control very quickly” and maintained that she “hadn’t done anything wrong.”

She explained: “When you’ve done, in your opinion, you haven’t really done anything wrong it’s really hard to fight it and you feel like there’s nowhere to turn and everyone hates you. That’s how I felt.”

Coleen then revealed that it was only when she took some time for herself to recuperate among her family in the comfort of her “home environment” that she was able to gain some perspective on the situation.

She realised: “It’s just TV. It’s not real life. People are dying in the world and, you know, I’m crying myself to sleep at night.” 

At first, Coleen thought of “giving it all up” and getting a “normal job” for the first time in her life, but ultimately she decided she didn’t want to end her career on such a sour note. 

The star also came to the conclusion that, while she was “still thinking about” the dramatic incident, the general public had already moved on.

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The feud between Coleen and Kim was first sparked when they both entered Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, where the two women would have a number of disagreements on-screen as they could not seem to see eye to eye. 

Kim was frequently seen arguing with housemates who she claimed “bullied” her. 

In her exit interview after Coleen had won the show, Kim stated: “How that woman won, when Jedward were sitting there, I have no idea. 

“Public, I don’t know how you could let that boring fag ash Lil (win), with what I now know to be a rotten mouth.

“She shouldn’t have won that show. I’m a bit tired of all these people on Loose Women winning.”

Then on August 29, 2018, Kim appeared on Loose Women in what was billed as the two women attempting to finally squash their feud. 

However, what happened instead was a chaotic shouting match which culminated in Kim calling Coleen “lying trash” and a “piece of filth”, before storming off the set in tears. 

Following the exchange, Coleen took a four-month break from Loose Women but later returned in December 2018.

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