Dame Deborah James shares poignant moment enjoying the rain: You never know when its the last time

In a poignant and emotional post to her Instagram account, Dame Deborah James reflected on what sitting and enjoying the rain has meant to her.

The 40 year old mum-of-two has been campaigning to raise awareness about bowel cancer since her own diagnosis five years ago.

Former schoolteacher and BBC Podcast host Deborah heartbreakingly revealed just days ago that she is now receivingend-of-life hospice care at home and "nobody knows how long I've got left" after her body "not not playing ball" with cancer treatment.

Deborah, who was first diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer aged 35, has left a lasting impact and legacy and with many closely following her journey, she has shared her thoughts as she tackles each day.

In her latest update, Deborah posted a snap of her garden and told her 732,000 followers: "A late friend once told me to embrace the rain, because you never know when the last time you might feel that rain on your face is….so am embracing it! Albeit with blankets."

She first mentioned the sentiment – revealing it was the reason why she was so dedicated to running in the rain – back in 2020 as she shared a short clip of herself outdoors as rain poured down.

She told followers at the time: "I ran and then it started raining. Normally I'd get in a cab, and I was feeling quite good and I thought about my friend…and this is a sad story but the world…I'm thinking about things in a different way at the moment…

"A friend I talk about quite often, who wasn't very well… I went to visit him in hospital, but the last time I went to see him, we snuck him out of his hospital bed.

"He really really was ill and the nurses were like, and his parents were like, 'bundle up, bundle up' and we got out and he just took all his blankets off and sat there in the rain.

"He said, 'I'm never going to feel rain again'. So every time I run or I'm outside in the rain, rather than thinking oh it's awful…sometimes I do think it's awful but, sometimes I think: 'Well, it's nice just to be able to do that'."

The video was captioned: "When we feel the rain, we might stand and remember that for some, it will be the last time they will feel those droplets.

"The privilege of life. Someone else's dream – to stand and breathe it. Today I ran in the rain because I can.

"Tomorrow I dance in it for those that can’t."

At the time, TV presenter Ben Shephard responded: "This put a massive smile on my face Deborah. I was getting drenched yesterday – but I was with mates, playing golf, laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

"I’m so glad we stayed out, soaked it up, and carried on playing- to be fair it didn’t make the golf any worse either!!"

Three days ago the star campaigner was given a Damehood for her tireless efforts to raise awareness with Prince William visiting her family home.

Deborah said she was "utterly honoured" by the special visit as she told her Instagram followers: "Prince William actually came to our family house today!!

"I am utterly honoured that he joined us for afternoon tea and champagne, where he not only spent a generous amount of time talking to my whole family but also honoured me with my Damehood."

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