Do Caelynn & Connor Get Together On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? Sparks Were Flying

Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ week of Bachelor in Paradise didn’t start off on the right foot. She was left heartbroken and blindsided when Dean Unglert decided to leave the beach, knowing he couldn’t deliver what she wanted, but her mood lifted when Connor S. arrived for a Bachelor Nation wedding. Do Caelynn and Connor get together on Bachelor in Paradise? The wedding created quite the romantic spark between them.

After giving her a rose on her birthday, Dean backtracked on what the rose implied, taking Caelynn aside and saying, "I think that you’re an amazing, awesome person … I thought that I was coming in and just have fun and I didn’t expect to have an actual, real conjnection with someone … but you know my weird history with this … I know I won’t be able to get to where you need me to be at the end of this."

Left without much say in the matter, Caelynn turned to mope about Dean’s departure. When the group was invited to the wedding of Paradise alums Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, the romantic vibes weren’t doing much to improve her mood. The arrival of former Bachelorette contestant Connor Saeli changed that. Although Caelynn was scared to explore a new connection, she clicked with Connor, confiding in him about Dean dumping her. He pointed out that everything happens for a reason, resulting in the two exchanging a kiss.

Connor’s presence alone was enough to improve Caelynn’s mindset, and folks on Twitter definitely noticed.

The day after the wedding, Connor arrived on the Paradise beach as a contestant, and although he took aside both Kristina and Caelynn to talk, he ultimately invited Caelynn on a date. Kristina was a little sour about Caelynn always pursuing her "leftovers" (Blake Horstmann and Dean Unglert), but Connor and Caelynn’s date activity of painting each other’s bodies quickly made fans forget about any potential love triangles. Who knew embracing your artistic side could be so sexy?

As the two rolled around on a canvas and made out, Caelynn noted how quickly things had changed for her. "I needed this," she said. "I needed to let go, I needed to have fun. I hope Connor’s different, because I don’t need to get hurt again."

Sipping drinks with Caelynn, Connor then shared how excited he was for her to be there. "I feel like with us, it’s just kind of natural," he said. "It definitely makes me excited about this."

"I’ve never been on the same page since I’ve been here," Caelynn said. "I definitely do [feel like you and I are on the same page now]."

"I just want us to be open with each other," Connor said, expressing a wish to always be honest about their intentions in the relationship.

Before this, Caelynn definitely hasn’t had great luck in Paradise, but maybe third time is the charm for her. Weddings can be a great place to meet people, huh?

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 2, on ABC.

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