Duchess Meghan did a Brightly Storytime YouTube video for The Bench

The Duchess of Sussex is still doing promotional and charitable stuff around her children’s book, The Bench. The latest is Meghan recording a special message for Brightly Storytime, a YouTube channel owned by Penguin Random House (publisher of The Bench and Harry’s upcoming memoir), and then doing a reading of The Bench as the watercolor illustrations appear. It appears as if Meghan recorded this in her backyard, and of course the Daily Mail noted that “she could be seen reclining on a seat in the garden of her $14 million mansion in Santa Barbara.” That’s important, you know. How dare children enjoy a video storytime with a duchess who reclines in a deck chair of her $14 million mansion! Children should also know that the children’s book author in question has no fewer than eighteen bathrooms in her mansion!!

She looks lovely and I enjoy the outdoor setting. Something I appreciate is that whenever Harry or Meghan record videos at their Montecito property, they use different rooms or outdoor spaces every time. I don’t think there’s been a repeat at all? We’ve gotten glimpses of Meghan’s office, the Montecito living room, the bench, the chicken coop, etc.

Guess what else the Daily Mail is mad about? Meghan’s jewelry, of course. How dare she wear jewelry which belongs to her? She’s wearing her Cartier “Love” bracelet, a diamond tennis bracelet, a pendant necklace, her engagement ring, her Cartier tank watch and all of that. The Mail keeps claiming that Meghan’s pinkie ring came from jewels gifted to her by an unknown Middle Eastern prince or something, but I think that’s just a dumbf–k slur that they’re throwing around these days.

Meanwhile, Meghan donated copies of The Bench to The Assistance League of Los Angeles. She donated the books through Archewell, and they went to the kids at the League’s Preschool Learning Center.


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Screencaps courtesy of the video.

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