Ed Sheeran keeps ordering rude things for Courteney Cox off her Alexa

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Did you know that Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox were besties? Supposedly they met through mutual friends and it was Ed who introduced Courteney to Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol back in 2013. I totally missed the memo. Ed gets to stay at Courteney’s Malibu pad whenever he is in town. And theirs is a friendship built on pranks. Ed is in residency this week at The Late Late Show with James Corden. Ed says that Courteney gives him full access to her home which he takes advantage of. Particularly ordering her NSFW gag gifts via Alexa. Ed says that every time he goes to Courteney’s he orders Courteney a gimp mask and hides them around her house. Ed said one time her assistant found the mask before Courteney did and left it on Courtney’s bed. Below are a few more highlights via Yahoo!:

Sheeran met Cox in 2013 through mutual friends, and they quickly became close, resulting in an open invitation for him to stay at her Malibu home whenever he’s in town. Sheeran took her up on that offer, and it was during one of his stays that he had an idea.

“She has this Alexa thing in her house, and she goes, ‘Isn’t this wonderful? This is my Alexa. I can just order whatever on this.’ So she walks out of the room, and — do you know what a gimp mask is?” Sheeran stopped to ask Corden, who assured Sheeran that he indeed knows what one is. “So she walks out of the room,” Sheeran continued, “And I go, ‘Alexa, order me a gimp mask.’”

But Cox was not the first one to see the unexpected order.

But Cox’s assistant was just the first of many unsuspecting visitors to become victims of Sheerans’s prank.

“Now when I go back there, I order her another gimp mask. She has maybe, like, 12. I hide them in people’s bedrooms. So they’ll go in the drawer and find a leather S&M mask,” Sheeran said with a laugh. “She had two people come and look at her piano to try and buy it, two absolute strangers going into her house that I found out about. So I left a couple of masks on the piano.”

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Tell me you are rich without telling me. The fact that Ed is able to order whatever he wants from Courteney’s Amazon account without her noticing tells me she doesn’t monitor her money like us poor plebes do. Everyone needs a deep pocketed friend like that in their lives and I am not jealous at all. I am still cracking up at the gimp mask. And seeing James in the gimp mask that Ed purchased him during the interview is definitely one of the funniest things I have seen this week. Ed sure has a naughty sense of humor. This sounds like something I would do to a friend but I would get like a vibrator or something. I do feel sorry for the assistant who probably has to return these items and see them first. Especially if they don’t have the same ridiculous sense of humor. Also the fact that Ed has ordered TWELVE gimp masks and has hid them all over the house is a flex for real. I would like to know how Courteney pranks Ed because he definitely deserves it back.

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