Emily Andrea praises Davina McCall for eye-opening menopause documentary

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Former Big Brother Davina McCall has been famously candid about her tough experience of the menopause revealing she experienced blurry vision, night sweats and even thought she may be suffering with early on set dementia.

The Masked Singer star thought she was going "mad" as she suffered with the effects but Junior Doctor and OK! columnist Emily Andrea says its really important that people with high-profiles raise awareness of this often taboo subject.

"Hopefully Davina’s words will open up the conversation more," Emily says in her latest column. "I’ve always thought the effects of menopause are underestimated, so I think it’s great that Davina is raising awareness because it affects all women and needs better understanding."

She also says the symptoms are often not fully understood which is why some women, including Davina, aren't recognising their condition as menopause. Read Emily's full column below….


Davina McCall has revealed she feared she was suffering from dementia when she began experiencing the symptoms of the menopause at 44. She said, “I was going mad. I thought I was possibly getting some sort of early onset dementia. The menopause did not even cross my mind because I was 44, I just thought it was too young, so I battled on for a year.”

I’ve always thought the effects of menopause are underestimated, so I think it’s great that Davina is raising awareness because it affects all women and needs better understanding. There are a wide range of symptoms relating to the menopause, like changes to your skin, sleep, joints, muscles and mental health. It’s something that’s not talked about enough as I think some women still see it as a taboo subject. Hopefully Davina’s words will open up the conversation more.


Being out of self-isolation after 10 days stuck indoors has been great! Junior is thankfully feeling fine and back to normal, and all of the kids went back to school and nursery. They were all so excited to go back and see their friends, especially Millie because she loves school so much.

It’s brilliant news that restrictions are being eased more this week. All my family are now fully vaccinated so I’m looking forward to spending more time with them. I also can’t wait to sit inside a restaurant. The one thing we really enjoy is having a nice meal as a family or just myself and Pete, and a date night is definitely long overdue. I also can’t wait to have a massage, especially after isolation!

It was disappointing to see only 12 countries on the green travel list for the UK. Only four of them are currently accepting travellers from the UK, so options are limited. Also the need to have multiple PCR tests means that, with a big family, it does add a lot onto the cost of a holiday. That said, I’m feeling hopeful that by the summer these issues will be ironed out and more countries will be added to the list. We’re just trying to be patient!

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland recently reported zero daily coronavirus deaths, which is amazing. The third lockdown will have played a part in reducing the numbers, but we will also be seeing the impact of our fantastic vaccine roll out. All the staff who’ve done extra hours, people who have spent their free time training to give the vaccine, and the scientists who developed it are incredible.


New-mum Kate Ferdinand has admitted she was “nervous” before taking her son Cree to his first baby class. Covid-19 aside, it’s normal to be nervous before your first mum and baby group.

Before my first one, I remember thinking, “Will people be judging what I’m doing? And will I be doing everything right?” You question yourself so I think it’s totally normal to be unsure, but the more you go the easier they become. I’m so glad I went to classes because it helps you make friends, gets you out of the house and it’s great for your child to be around other babies.

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