Fans take sides as Eminem's latest album reignites beef with Machine Gun Kelly

Eminem convinced fans he was serving up beef for Christmas with several lyrics on his latest record seemingly directed at long-time rival Machine Gun Kelly.

The rapper surprised fans with Music to Be Murdered By: Side B, and listeners were quick to point out a few lines where he appeared to be throwing some serious shade.

On his track Gnat, Eminem, who apologised to Rihanna for another track, spits: ‘They come at me with machine guns / it’s like trying to fight off a gnat’.

Zeus finds the 48-year old rapping: ‘Fair weather, wishy-washy / she thinks Machine washed me / swear to God man / her favourite rapper wish he crossed me’.

MGK, who is dating Megan Fox, clearly heard about the disses, and on Friday morning took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

He tweeted ‘those subliminals’ alongside a laughing emoji and one of someone depositing an item into a bin.

Fans quickly waded into the drama, with many calling out 30-year-old MGK.

Rapper BTR quoted MGK’s response and tweeted: ‘Yet again, the rapper Machine Gun Kelly proves that he’s listened to an entire Eminem album on the day it dropped.

‘At this point it’s so pathetic how much he tries to suck off Eminem for attention.’

Another replied directly to MGK and said: ‘He literally says MACHINE GUN, so it’s not subliminal.

‘Also, in that you wrote this tweet, you know damn well who #Eminem is talking to.

‘I think you need to learn how to write a proper diss & respond and get off Twitter looking for emotional support.’

But MGK fans also had their say. One fan wrote: ‘This tweet of mine is for all people who are haters and mad at Kells and soon y’all are going to be mad at me also.

‘But Machine Gun Kelly is more than a rapper, he is also a rockstar.

‘As with Eminem all what he’ll be is just a great rapper who got mad over a compliment about Hailey [sic].’

The famous feud kicked off in 2012 when Eminem took offence with a comment the younger rapper made about his daughter, Hailie, now 24.

Clearly the beef is only heating up again.

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