Fans urge Gemma Collins to DUMP ‘toxic p***k’ Arg as their relationship is played out on Gemma’s new series Diva Forever

Gemma Collins fans have rallied around The GC and are joining her friends and family in urging the reality star to dump her boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Gemma’s first episode of the new series of her show, Diva Forever, showed tense moments between the TOWIE couple as people criticised Arg’s "toxic" behaviour.

During the episode, Arg was seen mocking Gemma’s snoring and showing videos and sound clips of her asleep.

Later in the show, Gemma received a barrage of messages from Arg, slamming her for not leaving her phone charger at home and not bringing him Nando’s.

The end of the episode saw a teaser for next week's show with Gemma in tears as friends and family question her on-off relationship with Arg.

In the sneak preview a friend is seen telling The GC: “Is he right for you? No.”

While another adds: “If he dumps you that’s the best thing that could happen to you”.

Gemma is then seen breaking down in tears and admits: “I’m petrified.”

It seems fans agree with Gemma’s nearest and dearest and have shared their disgust at Arg’s behaviour on Twitter.

“Arg has been behaving like a grade A P***K to Gemma forever,” one fan wrote.

“Seriously, I have no idea why Gemma allows Arg to run her down,” another added.

“I hate the way Arg talks to Gemma. At whatever opportunity he has, he seems to just knock her confidence down every single time,” a third wrote.

“Gemma and Arg it’s pretty toxic. Hopefully she’ll realise she deserves better,” a fourth wrote.

“Gemma is not a diva, she is in a toxic relationship & arg treats her so bad. I hope she leaves him!” another added.

Viewers suggested Gemma should be with Laurence Hearn instead, who The GC friend zoned after meeting on Celebs Go Dating.

Laurence is now Gemma’s handyman and seemed to come to her beck-and-call during her reality show, with The GC hinting that Laurence is “in love” with her.

“Can you just marry Laurence already please Gemma?” One wrote.

“I think you would be better off with lovely Laurence Gemma,” another said.

“Why does Gemma Collins waste her time on Arg when she has a perfectly good man like Laurence willing to look after her and make her happy,” a third added.

Self-confessed diva Gemma was also labelled a “rude b***h” after being seen kicking her camera crew out of her shop in the first episode of the show.

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