Gemma Collins’ incredible weight loss secrets and how she did it

Gemma Collins is looking incredible these days.

The confident diva has been hammering the workouts and eating healthy foods lately, and it all started with Dancing On Ice.

But she's also admitted to getting some extra help from prescription appetite suppressant SkinnyJab.

The GC has always been a confident diva, and lately, she's relished the chance to pose up for sexy swimwear snaps.

The TOWIE star, 38, has lost more than three stone since signing up for ITV show Dancing On Ice last year.

The reality babe said back in October that training for the show had already helped her drop a dress size.

She told The Sun at the time: "I've dropped a dress size already. Look my clothes are falling off me.

"By Christmas I should have dropped four sizes ready for my wedding dress.

"They are working me hard."

Gemma, who is dating co-star James 'Arg' Argent, has been put through her paces by personal trainer pal Charlie King.

Even during a trip to Los Angeles, they were taking part in gruelling workout sessions and hikes.

And she's determined to stay motivated to work out.

Just the other day, the GC shared a video of herself running along the beach in a swimsuit.

She captioned it: "Stay MOTIVATED always ….. wake up and say your thanks to to UNIVERSE everyday we must keep achieving …. do something today that makes you feel GOOD ….. #gcmotivation … running on the beach is hard but very good for you"

Charlie commented: "YESSS GEM.. smashing it … keep it going. INSPODIVA"

Gemma has stunned lately as she's stepped out at showbiz events looking trim, and she wowed recently with a swimsuit-clad snap that showed off her bum.

She shared the picture to celebrate reaching 1.4 million followers on Twitter , telling the haters to "KISS MY ASS" in the process.

Gemma's weight loss isn't just down to exercise and healthy eating.

She's also been using £250 weight loss injections to help shed the pounds.

Gemma has been using SkinnyJab injections to suppress her hunger, with the initial plan costing £250 for a three-week programme, the Sun reports.

Top-ups cost another £135 a go and last between two and four weeks.

Patients typically lose 15lb – just over a stone – within three weeks, and at least 7lb in the same timeframe.

The fat-loss injections work by suppressing the appetite so that patients' hunger is reduced, which stops them from reaching for the snacks every time their stomach rumbles.

SkinnyJab's website states: "An appetite suppressant used in the SkinnyJab plan can regulate the glucose level in your blood, allowing your body to use your stored fat for energy.

"This means that you can safely consume small portions without experiencing the undesired effects of starvation mode."

It also claims to shrink the stomach, "preparing your body to expect less food".

However, the jabs should be used in conjunction with portion control and some exercise – exactly the same advice that is given on any scientifically backed weight-loss plan.

Gemma's weight has fluctuated over the years, and she's referred to herself in the past as a "plus-size fashionista".

She's been delighted by the response she's had from fans over her weight loss.

The star recently told her followers: "Thanks for all your weight loss comments my hard work is defo paying off."

Gemma's fitness instructor, Vicky Young, has also revealed she doesn't eat any sugar or carbs after 6pm.

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