GoFundMe Created to Kick Asian Doll Out of New York City: Its Time to Go Home

NYC residents have apparently set up a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website to send the ‘Twice’ raptress back to her home state of Texas, believing she has been ‘degrading’ the city’s ‘rap and drill culture.’

AceShowbiz -Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat is unwanted in New York City. Residents of the city have apparently joined forces to remove the female rapper from the city by setting up a GoFundMe page to send her back to Texas.

The purpose of the campaign, which was launched on Tuesday, May 3, is pretty clear straight from the beginning as it is labeled “Help Asian Doll Get Back to Texas.” According to the organizer, the fundraising effort was created to answer people’s concern in regards to Asian’s influence to music in the city.

“The entire NYC is highly concerned that Asian Doll may be stranded in New York,” read a statement on the page. “We have all came together to help Sandy find her way out of the Bikini Bottom Bronx Hopping and back to Texas where she came from.”

The organizer further alleged, “This individual has been mimicking, damaging and degrading our rap and drill culture and we demand an end to all of this ridiculousness. ITS TIME TO GO HOME SANDY!!!!!!”

The campaign aims to raise $10,000, but it has only raised $10 million from two donations so far. One of the supports wrote a comment on the page that read, “Put her on the next Plane out of NYC.”

Asian, whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen, has not commented on the fundraising campaign. Meanwhile, social media users have reacted to the effort to remove the star from NYC, with one person tweeting, “New Yorkers making a GoFundMe to send Asian Doll back to Texas is CRAZY!”

Another called the effort “hilarious” as writing, “That GoFundMe they started for Asian Doll is hilarious.” Someone else said, “Not a GoFundMe to get AsianDoll outta NY! Go Home Roger!”

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