Harry Potters Jessie Caves kids are embarrassed by her on-screen kiss with Ron Weasley

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts trailer from Sky

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Jessie Cave, 33, is best known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter franchise. The actress has spoken in a new interview about her life-changing time on the hit film series, but has also revealed her kids find her “embarrassing” when they watch her scenes.

They can’t get over the fact that I kissed Ron.

Jessie Cave

Jessie’s character Lavender had a brief fling in the films with main star Rupert Grint’s character Ron Weasley.

The Harry Potter star now has three children, Donnie, seven, Margot, five and Tennessee, one.

The mum of three also has another child on the way, with her partner, comedian Alfie Brown.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Jessie revealed she watched the entire Harry Potter franchise in lockdown with her young children.

She said: “I asked them, ‘What’s your favourite bit about Harry Potter?’ hoping they would say, ‘You, mummy’ – but they find me quite embarrassing in it!

“They can’t get over the fact that I kissed Ron.”

Jessie also thanked her appearance in Harry Potter for “changing her life”, admitting she doesn’t know what her career could have been without it.

Jessie continued: “It changed the course of my life. You’re only ever [as good as] your last job, so it was such an amazing stepping stone, and I don’t know what my career would have been like without it.

“I can’t imagine my life without Harry Potter.”

She also admitted her daughter got upset when her character died in the last film, so she convinced her that she didn’t die due to her character’s outcome not being clear in the books.

In the film, Lavender was attacked by werewolf Fenrir Greyback (Dave Legeno) in the Battle of Hogwarts, and died from her injuries.

Since Harry Potter ended in 2011, Jessie has starred in the British sitcom Trollied and the E4 drama Glue.

In 2017, she also featured in an episode of Black Mirror, titled Hang The DJ.

As well as being an actress on screen, Jessie has had her try at stage productions, most notably Arcadia and Live in Breed.

Jessie also runs a podcast alongside her sister Bebe called We Can’t Talk About That Right Now.

The sisters tragically lost their sibling Ben Hadden-Cave in March 2019, with this being the inspiration to start the podcast.

When Jessie had her third child, Tennessee, in October last year, the actress had a “traumatic” delivery that left her newborn in the neonatal unit, with him later being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV breakfast show, she said: “The thing about newborns is you have to be hyper aware of every symptom and just to trust your instincts.

“Within a day of realising he was just kind of changing a little bit, he wasn’t feeding as much and his cry was different, it was like a different baby.

“I just went for it and I went into A & E. I think that’s what everyone has to do, they have to be aware of a sudden quick change, because it could have been a completely different story if I hadn’t gone in.”

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