Has Meryl Streep Won an Oscar?

Meryl Streep is one of the most well-known women in Hollywood. She’s been in classics like The Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, and most recently, the drama series, Big Little Lies. Since she is such a respected figure in Hollywood, she must have a bunch of Oscars to her name, right? It turns out the answer is a little more complicated than that.

Meryl Streep’s Academy Awards

This year, Streep broke her own record, after she received her 21st Oscar nomination for her role as Katherine Graham in The Post. After she heard the news, Streep commented: “I am honored beyond measure by this nomination for a film I love, a film that stands in defense of press freedom, and inclusion of women’s voices in the movement of history- proud of the film, and all her filmmakers. Thank you from a full heart.”

Streep must be somewhat used to coming up with these kinds of reaction comments by now though, considering how many times she’s been nominated. What she doesn’t have down, is an acceptance speech.

Meryl Streep has only won 3 Oscars

Unfortunately, just like 17 times before, Streep did not take home the award. In fact, out of all 21 Academy Award nominations, Streep has only won the award three times during her career.

Her first nomination was in 1979 for her appearance in The Deer Hunter. Since that time, she has been a regular at the awards show, and a regular on the screen, completing at least 65 movies in the four decades that she’s been acting. If anyone could be crowned The Queen of Hollywood, Streep would certainly be a contender. So, why hasn’t she won more Academy Awards?

That’s a question no one really knows the answer to. There’s no doubt she has the amazing acting ability. Twenty-one Oscar nominations are nothing to take lightly. Yet, almost every year, Streep sits in the audience and claps politely while someone else takes the award.

Meryl Streep could win the award for longest marriage

The good news is, even if Streep doesn’t have a shelf full of Oscars, she does have a happy life. At the age of 70, after many years in Hollywood, and surrounded by the always temporary marriages of her co-workers, Streep has one of the longest relationships in the industry. For over 40 years, Streep has been married to artist, Don Gummer.

They met in 1978 when Gummer lent her his apartment because her life had fallen apart. Streep had previously been in a relationship with actor John Cazale. She had been head over heels for Cazale. They moved in together and were talking about marriage when he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

Streep stayed by his side, nursing Cazale, until his death in 1978. When he passed, she was heartbroken. She couldn’t bear to stay in the apartment she had shared with Cazale, and that’s how she met Gummer.

Although she never got over Cazale’s passing, eventually, Gummer and Streep fell in love. Streep said: “I haven’t got over John’s death, but I’ve got to go on living and Don has showed me how to do that.” Now, over forty years later, the couple is still very happy.

Streep is practically the center of Hollywood. She has so much respect, and experience, that younger stars are often intimidated by her, and yet, she has a very un-Hollywood marriage. Perhaps that makes up for all the years she has sat in the audience at the Oscars, waiting to see if that year will be one of the very few times she actually gets to take an award home.

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