Here’s Why ‘The Undoing’ Season 2 is Unliklely to Happen

The series finale of The Undoing airs on Sunday night and fans will likely be wondering if a second season will ever happen.

HBO launched the new Nicole Kidman project as a six-episode limited series and additional seasons are unlikely to happen. Her other HBO series Big Little Lies was also supposed to be a limited series, but it was given a second season.

Director Susanne Bier explained the reasoning for keeping the show contained to just one season.

“This is a tight story, which is why I think six hours is perfect. There’s something about six that has a natural arc,” she told EW.

Nicole added, “It’s not like a drama series where you’re not quite sure how they’re going to evolve and you have a next season. That’s why I say it’s like cinema, because you have a beginning, middle, and end. The thing about a limited series is it’s so difficult because you’re writing a much longer form of cinema that you have to keep people engaged in, and in some ways that’s so much harder. That, as an actor, is delicious.”

While a second season is very unlikely, never say never! Get details on when you will be able to watch the finale of The Undoing.

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