Hes incredibly blunt Piers Morgans pal Paul McKenna admits they didnt always get on

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Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan and celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna “didn’t always get on”, the behavioural scientist has revealed. Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, the best-selling author, 58, spoke about hosting the former newspaper editor, 56, on his self-titled podcast; Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast, while praising the former newsreader for his “honesty” and defending his right to “express” his opinion.

Well, I’ve known Piers for a very long time and I have to say we didn’t always get along

Paul McKenna

Reflecting on how long he’s known the outspoken media star for, Paul admitted that they hadn’t always seen eye to eye.

He said: “Well, I’ve known Piers for a very long time and I have to say we didn’t always get along.

“But I think he’s obviously brilliant at his job.

“He’s a fantastic journalist and broadcaster, he’s got amazing charisma,” he added.

The hypnotist went on to insist that it was impossible for people to not hold an opinion on the former newsreader.

Paul explained: “He’s one of those people, you either love him or hate him, people can’t feel, what’s the word? Ambivalent, about Piers.

“He’s an extraordinary character.”

The author went on to praise the star for his honesty while speaking to him on his podcast.

Paul went on: “So the other thing is that he’s very honest.

“And my job is not to sort of catch someone out or anything like that.

“I, if anything, I’m on their side, I want to show people,” he revealed.

Last year, the former GMB host walked out of a live broadcast after clashing with weatherman Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Addressing the fall-out, Paul defended the former Life Stories star, adding that he should have been allowed to voice his thoughts on the landmark interview.

He said: “So I always say with regard to Piers [is that] he’s got a right to have an opinion and to express it.

“I think that’s what’s happened is he got involved in some controversy and you know, I can’t comment on that.

“But all I know is that there’s a very, very clever guy there,” he added.

Paul continued: “He’s incredibly blunt as well, he will tell you what he thinks.”

Addressing his podcast episode with Piers, the hypnotist told how his listeners now see the star “in a completely different light”.

He went on: “I thought it was funny, because some people listened to it, who were not fans, and said to me, ‘I don’t know about this guy’.

“Others said to me, ‘I see him in a completely different light now,’ and that’s kind of what I was hoping people will see, is that we’re all human,” Paul explained.

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