Horrific moment Christine McGuinness thought shed lost twins after pregnancy blood loss

In her new book, A Beautiful Nightmare, Christine McGuinness reveals the long struggle she faced to conceive children with husband Paddy, after anorexia left her with irregular periods.

So after four long years of trying, the former model's happiness can be imagined when she finally got what she had long awaited – a baby. And not one, but she was expecting two.

However, as Christine explains in her new autobiography, there was a moment during her pregnancy she feared she'd lost her twins when she "flooded with blood."

"It was everywhere," she penned, recalling the traumatic moment.

"I rang Patrick, inconsolable. 'I've lost them, I've lost the twins – that's it, they're gone," I screamed.

"Somehow, he got to Bolton from Manchester in what felt like five minutes.

"I was crying saying, "I can't flush the toilet.

"I was convinced the babies were in there."

Christine explained her and Paddy's relief at being told her twins, Penelope and Leo, now eight, were OK, after being checked over by a doctor.

"We got in there and the room was silent for what felt like forever, before the doctor said: "They're fine. They're in there."

"Through tears, we asked, "Both of them?!

"And they told me my beautiful unborn twins were still in my tummy, hearts still beating."

After that scary ordeal, the 33 year old explained she became "over-the-top protective" over her unborn children.

"All the way through the pregnancy I was on edge. I was convinced something was going to happen to them," she said.

"I was so petrified of losing them," she continued.

"It still stays with me now as a mum. That feeling of, I've lost my twins – I'm still not over it."

Christine delivered two healthy babies and later welcomed daughter Felicity, now five.

If you’ve been affected by this story The Miscarriage Association helpline 01924 200 799 is open Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm.

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