J Lo Gets All Up in Ben Affleck's Lap While Eating Out in Italy

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can’t keep their eyes, hands — and lots of other things — off of each other during their vacay … even while seated in a busy restaurant!

The couple’s nautical trek along the Italian Riviera stopped Wednesday in the town of Nerano, where they had a super romantic meal — and it’s not the setting that made it romantic. It’s the fact J Lo — in a very revealing red and white bandeau top — planted her famous asset right in Ben’s lap.

Apparently, there’s a chair shortage over there. Not that Ben was complaining — if you’re into love and whatnot, there’s plenty of it on display in these pics.

Everyone’s (well, almost everyone’s) favorite reunited lovers snuggled, kissed, hugged, laughed and generally looked happy as hell … while their fellow customers enjoyed plain ol’ culinary delights.

BTW, anyone else seen something odd going on with these 2 this week? While there’s been no lack of PDA during their Mediterranean yacht holiday, we have noticed something is missing — Affleck’s tan!!!

Dude’s been on summer vacay for nearly a week now, and we’ve yet to see him take off his shirt. Try some sunscreen, Ben … live a little, bro!

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