Jamie Redknapp: Louise Redknapp’s ex addresses family split amid coronavirus outbreak

Football pundit Jamie Redknapp, 46, took part in an Instagram live with comedian Jack Whitehall, 31, in view of his 1.2 million followers last night. During their chat, the former revealed he is looking after his youngest son, Beau, 11, who he shares with ex-wife Louise Redknapp, 45.

The former footballer said he has been homeschooling Beau while the former couple’s older son Charley, 15, is with Louise.

The couple split up back in 2017 after 19 years of marriage, but amicably co-parent their sons.

Speaking to Jack, he said of Beau: “He’s been really good he’s been doing loads of homework.”

When asked if has been homeschooling their son, he replied: “Of course! He’s got every chance now mate. Don’t worry. We’re doing it. We have a few hours doing that.”


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The comedian then jokingly asked: “Is it not more Beau schooling you?”, to which Jamie replied, laughing: “We do have a little reading hour.

“We have a few hours doing that.”

Jack went on to joke: “I’d give Beau a lesson. I’d give him a lesson, I could do Birds and the Bees. Maybe not on Instagram live?”

Taken aback by his response, Jamie replied: “No, no. That’s the last thing I want my son to have.

“We’ve already had this conversation. Let me tell you a story everybody…

“So when my fifteen year old boy… we were doing League of Their Own one day. He must have been fourteen at the time.

“I walk into my dressing room, I’d had to go out for something, and Jack is telling Charley all about the birds and the bees.”

Laughing, the comedian replied: “He had to learn it someday and I thought I was the right person.”

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Cutting him off, Jamie swiftly replied: “No, you’re not the man.”

Elsewhere last week, Jamie shared a snap of him video calling his mum Sandra, who is self-isolating with his dad Harry Redknapp amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The father-of-two apologised to Sandra for not seeing her on Mother’s Day as they stayed at their separate homes.

The Government has advised citizens to stay at home and to only travel if completely essential.

They have also encouraged people to not mingle with fellow loved ones if avoidable.


  • Jamie Redknapp apologises to mum as they separate amid coronavirus

Harry recently admitted he feared for his wife’s health in the wake of the virus, following her sepsis battle in 2017.

Speaking on Talk Radio, he said: “We have to be careful, my wife especially, I worry. We’re being careful, you need to be.”

When asked if the pair are self-isolating, he added: “We just can’t take any chances now, I think the more you see happening in this country, the more careful you’ve got to be.

“I do worry that she’s okay. It’s a very serious matter and we’ve got to stick together and look out for people who need help, elderly people, you’ve got to help everybody.”

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