Jason Manford brands Rishi Sunak a ***head after Brexit deal speech

Jason Manford, 41, took to Twitter today to blast Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, 42, following his latest speech about Brexit. The PM seemed excited as he addressed the UK’s latest Brexit deal, which he says will put Northern Ireland in a “unbelievably special position”.

While Rishi was all smiles as he delivered his speech about the new deal in a factory in Northern Ireland, Jason remained unimpressed.

The performer retweeted the clip from ITV News Politics, which highlighted a section of the Prime Minister’s speech in the caption.

“Rishi Sunak hails his Brexit deal,” ITV tweeted.

Some quotes from the PM were also included in the tweet, reading: “Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position – unique position in the entire world – in having privileged access not just to the UK market… but also the EU single market.

“Nobody else has that. No one. Only you guys, only here.”

In response, Jason pointed out that Brexit has resulted in the UK leaving the EU single market, which has already affected the way Britain trades with other European countries.

“Erm… So did the rest of us ya ***head!” he wrote angrily.

“Honestly they’d sell their own grannies for a bit of power,” he added in what appeared to be a scathing jibe at the Conservative leadership.

Jason’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the Prime Minister’s most recent speech.

Lili wrote: “We literally had that. And the right to work, live or study anywhere in Europe. And we had tomatoes…”

“I wonder if he’s actually listened back to what he said… And realises what he said?!! Unbelievable!” commented Chrissie.

“And he says it all so proudly too. Makes me sick,” added Adrian.

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In his speech, the Prime Minister explained how his new Brexit deal would benefit Northern Ireland, giving the nation access to both the UK and European Union markets.

Speaking about their “special position”, he said: “Nobody else has that, no one. Only you guys. Only here. And that is the prize.

“I can tell you, when I go around the world and talk to businesses they know that. They think, ‘Well that’s interesting. If you guys get this sorted, then we want to invest in Northern Ireland – because nowhere else does that exist.’

He finished by calling Northern Ireland the “world’s most exciting economic zone”.

The politician is currently promoting his newly negotiated trade agreement with the EU in Northern Ireland in a bid to instil confidence in the deal.

The negotiations have seen the PM argue for a ‘Stormont Break’, which allows lawmakers in Northern Ireland to veto laws of significant impact when it comes to following EU trade rules.

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