Jeffrey Epstein was found ‘injured’ in his jail cell, no one knows what happened

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Jeffrey Epstein is still being detained in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. His lawyers asked for bail, they asked for Epstein to be released under strict house-arrest conditions, but they were denied. Mostly because the federal authorities uncovered at least one fake passport and a lot of cash around Epstein’s New York home. Plus, he has access to private planes and he has blackmail info on so many power players, so… yeah, flight risk. So Epstein stays in jail for the time being. And that’s where he was assaulted on Tuesday:

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly found injured in his New York City jail cell on Tuesday. Nearly three weeks after he was first arrested for allegedly sex-trafficking girls as young as 14, the businessman was discovered lying in a fetal position with marks on his neck in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center, NBC 4 reports. Epstein, 66, was said to have been semi-conscious at the time guards discovered him, according to the local outlet.

Though it was not clear how he was injured, Radar Online reports that the medical emergency, which happened in the early morning of July 23, was a result of a suicide attempt.

An assault on Epstein by another inmate is also being investigated as a possible cause of his injuries, sources told to NBC 4. Nicholas Tartaglione, a former Westchester County police officer who was accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy and then burying their bodies in his Otisville yard, is reportedly being investigated for allegedly attacking Epstein, NBC 4 reports. Tartaglione’s attorney, however, denied that his client attacked Epstein and tells PEOPLE that he is being framed after making a complaint in court earlier this week about the “deplorable conditions” at Metropolitan Correctional Center.

“Any suggestion that Mr. Tartaglione assault anyone is a complete fabrication,” attorney Bruce Barket says. “This story is being leaked to retaliate against Mr. Tartaglione for complaining to the court about the deplorable conditions at the MCC.”

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Do you think it was a suicide attempt? I do not. I don’t think men like Jeffrey Epstein possess the self-awareness needed for shame or feelings of guilt or wretchedness. But I do believe that other prisoners and hell, even some of the guards, would totally beat the sh-t out of Epstein. I’m not saying it’s right or that I agree with it or anything, just that I 100% believe that fellow inmates or guards on a power trip would assault a guy like Jeffrey Epstein. I also feel nothing about that – I’m too ambivalent to even do a cursory “well, it’s not right!” speech. I feel sorry for the babies being kept in cages at the border. I don’t feel sorry for Epstein.

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