Jog on! Comedian Lee Hurst slammed after he blasts virtue-signalling eco-warriors

Pointless: Alexander gets interrupted by Lee Hurst

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Comedian Lee Hurst took to Twitter to share his fury at being “lectured about recycling”. The 58-year-old voiced his concern at the “virtue-signalling” from young people about the issues associated with climate change.

His comments come after world leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the Cop26 climate summit this week.

Notable figures including Swedish environmentalist activist Greta Thunberg, 18, delivered some choice words to politicians over their inaction towards climate change.

Earlier this week, she told a group of climate protesters: “We are not going to let them get away with it anymore.”

Taking to the micro-blogging site yesterday, Lee had a message for young activists.

In view of his 24,900 followers, he fumed: “To the young entitled eco-warriors:

“We bought clothes from jumble sales. We fixed our TVs. We had no air con. We carried no mobiles.

“We walked to school. We took pop bottles back for the deposit. We reused milk bottles. We fixed our cars with parts from broken cars.”

He finished: “So jog on.”

His comment sparked a divide among social media users, as people shared their thoughts.

Michael hit back, saying: “TV’s used to be fixable, mobile phones didn’t exist, air conditioning still isn’t a thing outside of offices, kids still walk to school, there’s no refund system for ‘Pop’ bottles in the UK, milk comes in plastic bottles, and cars didn’t have onboard computers.”

Dan Nolan remarked: “The ‘young eco warriors’ aren’t the ones who stopped those things; your generation did when they stopped being the ‘carefree kids’ and became the instigators of single-use plastics and throw away culture. But that doesn’t fit your narrative does it?”

“You’re blaming young people for the problems that were introduced by your generation and beyond,” Jake Roberts said.


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Twitter user, @CarltonBouldy added: “Such a weird argument. Are you saying the young are in charge of the companies and industries that pollute? Are they the ones electing politicians who don’t tackle this issue before it gets to the high street?”

However, others agreed with the British comic’s stance as they came to his defence.

Simon Laffont said: “There’s nothing stopping today’s generation to stop using all the evils we’ve apparently created.

“Go back to/demand to live as we did. Buy from charity shops, walk everywhere, fix stuff, or attempt to only eat the stuff they’ve cooked themselves. Their future, their chance now.”

“Totally agree. My brother and I walked to school and back, in all weathers, every day,” Paul Craven agreed.

Georgina added: “We also recycled newspapers via the Salvage Man who came every week to collect them from your doorstep, our milk was delivered in glass bottles on an electric milk cart, the rag and bone man came regularly to collect and recycle clothes and any other rubbish.”

Following the flurry of comments, Lee took the opportunity to clarify his comments about young protesters.

Lee said: “The point of this tweet is I’m sick of young people lecturing us about recycling when we already did it in our time out of financial necessity and they, in their virtue signalling ignorance, think they’ve just discovered it.”

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