Jon Gries Details What Made Aubrey Plaza Look Annoyed at SAG Awards

The actor reveals what actually happened onstage while the cast received the best ensemble award that caused the ‘Parks and the Recreation’ alum to mouth apparent angry phrases.

AceShowbizJon Gries broke silence on the Aubrey Plaza drama at the SAG Awards. In a new interview with Page Six, the actor, who plays Tanya McQuoid’s villainous husband Greg on “The White Lotus“, revealed what actually happened onstage while the cast received the best ensemble award that caused Aubrey to mouth apparent angry phrases.

According to Jon, he told the “Parks and Recreation” alum “to look to the front” because she was “being blocked by about 15 people.” Jon later pointed out that she almost had a wardrobe malfunction as she had her underboob peeking out of her Michael Kors dress. He added, “You might want to fix that first.”

The 65-year-old star shared that Aubrey then seemingly mouthed, “Jesus Christ,” after their interaction, and that was just her “being funny.” Jon explained, “I think what she was imitating is why would that be problem if my nipple is showing. That’s her humor – She has that dry, dead-pan wit; that’s her biting wit.”

Jon also shut down rumors that Aubrey was upset because she didn’t get to talk during the award acceptance speech. “We wanted him to speak, we all wanted him to,” the actor said of co-star F. Murray Abraham, who spoke on their behalf. “He’s a frigging legend.”

It was also said that Jon reached out to Aubrey the next morning upon seeing that their exchange went viral as he was afraid that it would turn into a “creepy moment.” Jon asked Aubrey, “You weren’t really upset?” to which she replied, “No! Not at all!” The actress allegedly even joked that Jon had “saved” her from a wardrobe malfunction.

Aubrey made headlines after she was seen mouthing angry phrases when the cast of “The White Lotus” took the stage to receive the award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series at the big event on Sunday, February 26. While F. Murray delivered the speech, Jon could be seen grabbing her by the arm and whispering something into her ear.

He appeared to point out that she was about to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. That prompted Aubrey to adjust her dress before turning back to F. Murray.

After noticing Aubrey’s apparent annoyance, viewers quickly took to Twitter to comment on the matter. “why was aubrey plaza so mad to win for white lotus? #SAGAwards,” one asked. Someone else commented, “On another note, did anyone notice Aubrey Plaza? She seemed REALLY pissed off… there was something real odd about her on stage with the White Lotus team. She even exited the stage quick and alone rather than staying with the cast.”

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