Josh Duggar: Caught in the Act in Creepy, Incriminating New Photos?

When Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography millions of people — many of them survivors of sexual abuse or longtime critics of his controversial family — breathed a collective sigh of relief.

There was a brief hope that after months of trial coverage, we wouldn’t be forced to see or hear about Josh again until he comes up for parole sometime in the next 20 years.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Josh is currently appealing his conviction, which means he’ll soon be back in court — and back in the headlines.

In the meantime, the media fascination with his case has persisted, largely as a result of new information about his first trial.

Evidence that was presented to the jury is now being made available to the public, and some might feel that as much as they would prefer to look away, they simply can’t help themselves from confirming their worst suspicions by examining this further proof of Josh’s depravity. 

Earlier this week, photos of the office where Josh dowloaded child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) were published by UK tabloid the Daily Mail.

Shortly thereafter, the same outlet released audio recordings from Josh’s FBI interrogation.

After stammering and asking investigators if he’s wanted on child pornography charges — this before the agents revealed why they had raided his workplace — a very anxious Josh declines the opportunity to confess.

“I’ve watched my friends, you know, answer things and they get them for conspiracy or for something,” the 33-year-old says.

Needless to say, the conversation was so incriminating that an explicit confession would’ve almost been redundant.

Now, a new set of photos has served to further incriminate Josh — as if it wasn’t already abundantly clear that he’s 100 percent guilty on all charges.

In images obtained by The Sun, Duggar is seen smiling at his laptop screen as he sits in the filthy office where he committed his crimes.

The laptop Josh is using in the photo is not the device on which he allegedly downloaded dozens of explicit images, some of them depicting children as young as two years old.

However, the desktop computer whose hard drive was later used to convict Josh is just inches away, on the very same desk.

Throughout his trial, Josh’s lawyers argued that despite the fact that the computer was kept in an office that was used solely by Josh, there was insufficient evidence to indicate that he was the one who downloaded the illicit materials.

Now, the defense is doubling down on those claims for their client’s appeal.

Josh’s lawyers claim that the CSAM were downloaded by Caleb Williams, who was an employee of Josh’s prior to the federal raid that closed down his used car dealership in 2019.

They claim that Williams framed Josh in order to distract attention from his own sex crimes.

It was a far-fetched argument to begin with, and it seems even more ridiculous in light of the evidence that’s been released this week,

The photos of Josh’s office make it clear that only one person could fit in there at a time, and the digital combination lock on the door means it’s unlikely that anyone entered the space without the boss’ knowledge and permission.

In other words, if you were nervous that Josh’s appeal would be successful, you can probably rest easy.

This pervert will almost certainly be locked up for many years to come.

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