Kate Beckinsale Reminisces About Drinking Tequila Out Of An Ice Luge Pre-Pandemic

As the curtain falls on 2020, Kate Beckinsale shared a fond memory ‘before COVID,’ when she was able to party with her friends and slurp tequila out of the back of an ice sculpture.

“I suppose I am glad that I managed to experience drinking tequila out of an ice bottom before Covid was invented (this time last year),” Kate Beckinsale captioned the video she posted on Dec. 31. In the Instagram clip, the Underworld actress shares a throwback to the previous New Year’s Eve party, where she ambitiously decided to take a shot of tequila from a luge inside an ice sculpture in the shape of a woman. Kate, 47, gets right up in there, mimicking that one infamous scene from Girls, as she drinks a bit of tequila.

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Judging by the grimace on her face afterward, she’s not a fan. Still, she was grateful to try, “otherwise, I’d always be wondering if it was possibly my thing.” Unfortunately, Kate will not be drinking any mysterious liquids out of icy orifices this year. At least, not while surrounded by a huge group of friends like that. The html that people avoid “large gatherings this year.” The CDC has provided recommendations for those who do host a party, including “limit the number of guests,” but it’s implied that it’s best to “stay home and remain apart from others.”

This video – with Kate rocking a sexy crop top – comes almost four weeks after she shared another throwback to a world before COVID. Kate shared a video of her from a 2019 vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “This is a good example of what my mother would call ‘walking as if one has bogged one’s breeks,’” she captioned the video of her descending a staircase while wearing a bikini and high heels. Despite the sexy outfit, the “bogged ones breeks” translates into “pooped one’s pants.” Kate said the video was taken “exactly this time last year, pre-covid. …Hang tough, everyone.”

2020 has been tough on Kate’s love life. She and her boyfriend, Goody Grace, called it quits in October. She and the 23-year-old singer were first romantically linked around springtime, and their love affair quickly heated up in the months afterward. By her birthday in July, the two were already exchanging “I Love Yous” on Instagram. However, by Halloween, the two had unfollowed each other, and reports said their romance was over. Well, there’s always 2021. New year, new love, new chances to take a shot out the back of an ice statue.

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