Kate Ferdinand details motherhood struggles and how fan support has helped her to stop criticising herself

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New mum Kate Ferdinand has spoken out about the struggles of motherhood after she gave birth to her first child with her footballer husband Rio just four months ago.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to re-share a picture of herself and her baby boy Cree in a mirror selfie.

The fitness enthusiast is seen posing in a large mirror cradling her baby while wearing a matching pair of black underwear surrounded by baby bottles.

In the original post, Kate opened up about her body insecurities since she had Cree and admitted that despite being able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy, she doesn't love her post baby body.

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After seeing the overwhelmingly positive response to her body positive post, Kate took to Instagram Stories to reach out to all the parents and new mums who made her feel accepted.

She wrote: "Some days I make the gym and feel ready to take on the world and other days we shower, get back in bed and snuggle, and that's ok!

"Being a mum is such a journey and since talking to you all and other mums … I've really felt like I can relate to you all so much and have stopped beating myself up if everyday doesn't go to plan."

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  • Kate Ferdinand shares new photo of baby Cree as she candidly admits she 'doesn't love' post-baby body

The fitness guru shared two contrasting pictures of herself that reflect how her life has changed so drastically since having a baby.

The first snap was one of her make-up free in her home gym in a black Lycra outfit with her blonde hair pushed to one side.

The other was of her cradling baby Cree all snuggled up in bed wearing a black scoop neck top surrounded by soft fluffy blankets and pillows.

After the outpour of support from other mums going through a similar situation, Kate felt inspired to get back into the gym again on Friday and shared a clip of her back in the gym lifting weights.

And she wasn't alone as her footballer Rio joined her in the gym as he shared a snap of him working out his impressive biceps for added support.

She captioned the post: "Today is a good day … thank you for the motivation today … more room for Easter eggs later."

As her body adjusts to the changes birth has had on her, Kate reached out to her followers after she voiced fears over what to wear when lockdown lifts on April 12.

She opened up to her 1.4 million followers on Instagram Stories as she stood in front of her full length mirror in a stylish black-and-white outfit.

The former TOWIE star asked her followers: "Anyone else been nervous about what to wear when lock down is over? I've been wearing leggings for four months straight!"

She added: "My body has changed since having the baby and I’ve really been stuck with what to wear so I decided to have a big try on and get myself together… anyone else struggle with what to wear post baby, I just feel like a different woman!"

The reality star has been an open book with her fans since she gave birth after all the support she received in her first few months as a new mum.

This includes her decision to keep the fact that she bottle fed her little one quiet, because of the immense pressure on women to breastfeed until she realised that "a fed baby is a happy baby."

Kate is also the stepmother to Rio's three children Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11 and Tia, nine, from his previous marriage to his late wife Rebecca Ellison.

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