Katie Price’s son Harvey takes up running as he reaches 27 stone

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Katie Price's son Harvey has taken up running after reaching 27 stone and being warned his weight could "kill him".

The 18 year old is a student at Richley House, a residential school for children with complexities, and spends term time living in a three bedroom house on site.

He is supported by staff as he is partially blind, autistic and has Prader Willi syndrome.

Harvey sent his mum, 42, a sweet message to tell her he had been for a run before lessons and was feeling "very healthy" thanks to the burst of exercise.

Former glamour model Katie previously revealed he had nearly hit 29 stone, with the teen since shedding two stone.

Katie, who recently exclusively announced to OK! that she is engaged to partner Carl Woods, shared the sweet message from her firstborn with her 2.5million Instagram followers.

The message featured a photo of Harvey stood on the grass near a playground at the house, with him writing: "Hi Mummy I did some of a lot running before richley house, this Afternoon because I feel very happy and very healthy doing some running [sic].

"I'll Sure see you soon Mummy love from. Harvey [sic]," the note finished with an adorable drawing of a pink love heart.

Last November, Katie emotionally opened up to The Sun about her concerns over Harvey's weight, saying: "He'll need to lose weight or he'll end up dead. I don't want to lose him."

More recently, the mum-of-five shared a heartbreaking video of Harvey being reunited with his terminally ill nanny, Amy, but not being allowed to hug her due to coronavirus restrictions.

In the touching video, shared with Katie's 307,000 YouTube subscribers, Harvey is seen walking into Amy's back garden as his former glamour model mum exclaims: "Look, there's nanny!"

As Harvey stands in the back garden whilst Amy sits in her conservatory, Katie explains: "It's safe," whilst Harvey wails.

He asks: "Can I sit in here?," pointing to Amy's conservatory, with Katie saying: "We can't go in because of the Covid," eliciting more cries from Harvey.

"No, no, no," Katie repeats in an attempt to calm her firstborn down, with Amy adding: "Oh, Harvey! What does Harvey want?"

Harvey heartbreakingly answers: "Nanny, I hate this," with Amy replying: "I do as well, but I can't do nothing about it."

With him continuing to cry, Katie says: "Harvey, you've got to let mummy see nanny. That's not fair, is it?

"You want to go into nanny's but you can't because of the Covid situation," before telling her mum: "He doesn't even know what Covid is."

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