Kelley Flanagan Shut Down Reality Steve's Claim That She's Doing Sponcon for Matt James' Filming Location

Reality Steve recently revealed the swanky location that Matt James’ upcoming season of The Bachelor will be filming at, and it’s none other than the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. Never heard of it? Same, but former Bachelor and Bachelorette alums suddenly can’t stop talking about the place, and naturally fans are assuming that they’re being paid to promote it as part of a larger deal with ABC.

Actually, Reality Steve straight up confirmed as much, tweeting “Yes, the reason Jason, Peter, & Kelley have been posting about Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in their IG stories is to promote/advertise since Matt’s Bachelor season will be filmed there. It’s not a coincidence all 3 are posting about it in the same week.”

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