Kelly Ripa Goes Off On Fan Who Jokes She Should Leave Hubby Mark Consuelos For Jake Gyllenhaal

Kelly Ripa and Jake Gyllenhaal discussed ‘getting together’ after a fan letter suggested she leave Mark Consuelos for him.

Kelly Ripa, 48, read a letter out loud on Live! With Kelly & Ryan from a reader who wanted Kelly to get together with show guest Jake Gyllenhaal, 38, and their reactions were just perfect! Kelly said, reading the letter, “‘Dear Kelly Ripa, you should divorce your husband Mark Consuelos [48] and marry Jake Gyllenhaal.’ Now, I am not discounting this letter at all, I just want to put that out there,” she said, while Jake giggled. “Bold,” Jake replied.

“‘He was on The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon on the 19th [in February],’” she continued. “‘It may be better for your children.’ So, what do you say?” Jake replied, “It feels like a lot of pressure for a moment like this, but I’m open to it.” Ryan Seacrest, 44, then inquired about why the person who wrote the letter said that Jake would be “better” for her children than Mark, their father.

“I haven’t checked out the link yet if I’m being honest,” Kelly replied. “This letter I just received, but how fortuitous you are here and I just received this letter from February.” Jake responded, “Now we can figure it out.” Kelly hilariously replied, “I ran it by Mark, he thinks you’re a hell of a guy. And he thinks you’d make a great step-father to our kids.” Jake joked back, “Great!”

While it was fun for them to joke along with the letter, Kelly has been with Mark since 1995. Those two have been going strong for decades, and it’s doubtful a letter will make her consider leaving the love of her life!

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