Kevin Gates Doubles Down on Previous Decision to Never Support Black Lives Matter

In a new interview with DJ Akademiks, the ‘Thinkin’ With My D**k’ rapper reveals the real reasons why he is speaking out against the political and social movement.

AceShowbizKevin Gates has made it clear that he was a hundred percent serious when he said he won’t support Black Lives Matter movement. In a new interview, the “Thinkin’ With My D**k” rapper doubled down on his previous comment.

The 36-year-old Louisiana rapper sat down with DJ Akademiks to talk about the issue. “They got mad when I said, ‘I don’t support Black Lives Matter.’ ‘Cause who they matter to?” he told DJ Akademiks in an interview published on Tuesday, August 9.

Kevin went on reasoning, “We kill each all day. We talk about each other all day. You know who talk about me the most on the internet? N***as. N***as.” He elaborated further, “You know what’s worse than a n***a? Two of them. Make you don’t want to be a n***a.”

“It be n***as my own people that look like me. Talk about me like a dog, kick me when I’m down,” Kevin explained more. He later stressed, “I don’t look at color and see race no more. I see real and fake. That’s it.”

This wasn’t the first time Kevin has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement. In 2016, the Baton Rouge artist posted a 60-second rant on his Instagram account about how, in his view, it doesn’t make sense to complain about police brutality or racially motivated violence against black people because of black-on-black crime.

In the since-deleted Instagram video, Kevin said, “We kill each other. I’m talking about we lay up under each other’s cars, lay behind each other’s houses then whip by, boom boom, kill everybody in the car.”

“We kill each other, but as soon as a white boy kills one of us, everybody go to hoopin’ and hollerin’ and all that old stupid-a** s**t …That’s bulls**t,” Kevin opined. “When you stand for something, you’ve got the stand for it all the way, not half way. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, and f**k who don’t like that. You know what’s worse than a n***a? Another one.”

Kevin went on adding, “[People say], ‘He should’ve let him live.’ Yeah, so we could kill him. N***as hate on n***as. N***as steal from n***as. N***as kill n***as. Help your brother, man, don’t hurt your brother. F**k you doin’?”

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