Kylie Jenner SLAMMED After Flaunting Massive Car Collection: Stop Flexing on Peasants!

Last week, Kylie Jenner caught flak for not giving her daughter any privacy and not seeming to have any plans to do so.

Now, she’s flaunting her obscene wealth — yes, even more than usual.

After Kylie showed off her massive collection of expensive cars, fans have to ask: is she trying to be cruel to followers, or is she just clueless?

On Saturday, July 6, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a new pic.

The 21-year-old MILF wore a Christian Cowan outfit for the photo alongisde Versace shade.

The outfit isn’t what made the photo controversial, however.

Kylie was photographed leaning against part of her massive and wildly expensive car collection on her sprawling driveway.

The opulent collection includes a Range Rover and two different Lamborghinis.

Even some of Kylie’s own fans thought that the display of mega-wealth was a little much.

Some of her critics took to Instagram’s comments to give her a piece of their minds.

“Sorry billionaire,” accused one comment. “Love flexing on the peasants don’t you?”

“Modern Day Cancer this family is,” another wrote furiously.

Cancer is unfortunately not a thing of the past and very much modern day, for the record.

“Really. Why do you want the world to see what you have,” asked one commenter.

That same follower continued: Are you rubbing our face in it!!! Well good for you. Enjoy now because you can’t take it with you.”

Not all religions believe in an afterlife in which earthly possessions are left behind, but the Kardashians are Christians, so that fits.

“Bruuhh… why’d u need so many cars??” asked another follower.

“You can flaunt them as you want,” the commenter acknowledged. “But having one luxury car is enough.”

Others suggested that Kylie could use her famous riches for the betterment of the world.

“Wonder what would happen if you put some of that money into helping other people instead of just yourself,” speculated one follower.

That’s fair enough. It doesn’t sound like that person resents her wealth, but is just thinking of positive uses for it.

“Thinking the same,” another comment reads. “Displaying so much wealth you can’t help thinking about helping others.”

Keep in mind that Kylie has never been anything but extremely rich in her life, even in infancy.

To her, being in need is probably an abstract concept.

Kylie did have her usual flood of compliments, of course — the critics were in the minority.

She also had her ardent defenders.

“I’m sure she gave back to whomever she chose to,” suggests one fan without providing any evidence.

“And still bought every car of her choice!” the defender continues.

“She can’t help if her reality sounds like she’s bragging!” suggests the comment, which concludes: “Bosssss!!!!”

One of the nice things about being a billionaire, aside from having more wealth than thousands of random people combined, is your defenders.

People will crawl out of the woodwork to invent fanfiction about what you “probably’ do with your money in the face of any criticism.

With a celebrity like Kylie, this effect is greatly magnified.

But billionaires don’t need anyone to defend them. If they do, they can hire someone to do it.

If someone who is having to skip meals or carefully plan out their budget between paychecks gets annoyed at Kylie’s car collection, just let them vent.

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