Lacey Turner gives tour of stunning Ibiza home filled with upcycles and pool

Lacey Turner has opened the doors to her stunning Ibiza hideaway, giving OK! readers an exclusive tour of the plush pad.

The EastEnders actress, 33, owns a five-bedroom abode which includes a stunning outdoor area with a huge pool and a spacious open plan living area. Take a tour of Lacey’s home, which she calls her “happy place”, by signing up – for free! – below.

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Lacey and her husband Matt Kay have created an idyllic haven on the Balearic island for themselves and their children, son Trilby, five months, and daughter Dusty, who has just turned two.

“It’s where we feel most like us,” smiles Lacey, 33, as she welcomes OK! onto the Spanish island where she and Matt tied the knot nearly four years ago.

“I just love everything about it. It’s still so untouched, it has beautiful sunsets, so much greenery and the best beaches.”

Taking us around the home, Lacey explained: "We bought this house three years ago and we're slowing doing it up."

The actress has a colourful kitchen and diner – with some of her favourite features being upcycled furniture including her chairs.

Lacey admits her favourite room in the house is the kitchen, where husband Matt cooks up lots of delicious family meals.

The pair also spend a lot of time by the pool. "This is where we spend time with the kids," she said. "Swimming and relaxing by the pool."

Here, Lacey and Matt talk about Lacey’s return to work and whether or not a permanent move to Ibiza could be on the cards…

Hi both! Tell us about your beautiful home…

Lacey: We’ve had this place for three years. We really wanted to keep it traditional and I wanted it to feel Spanish so we’re trying to put all the original features back in. It’s quite Ibiza-esque and we have lots of colour, prints and patterns. It makes us feel happy. We have someone who keeps an eye on it for us and makes sure it’s still standing when we’re not here. We also rent it out to family and friends.

What prompted you to buy a place in Ibiza?

Lacey: It’s just so magical out here. This is our happy place. We know we’re very lucky. We wanted somewhere we could come and make memories as a family and have both our families over and all be together. We have a huge dining table outside so it’s nice to get everyone around it. It’s even more special coming out here now after spending the last 18 months apart because of lockdown. If I could always live here I definitely would. It’s where we feel most like us. Ibiza just has that vibe where anything goes and I love it. We watch Love Island and we watched the Euros from here. We have everything we need – we don’t even have to bring any clothes.

Will you move out here permanently one day?

Lacey: I’d love to. Maybe when we’re old and grey we can live here. It would be lovely to retire here, but it’s not something we’re planning soon.

Matt : I would definitely be happy to live here.

Lacey: After getting married here, it’s always special to come back. Every time I come here I just relax. I actually came out here 10 years ago by accident and I didn’t want to come, but when I got here I loved it!

Are you both big clubbers then?

Lacey: No. I think I’ve been out once here in the 10 years that I’ve been coming to Ibiza! It’s just not for me. I’m more of a morning person and we’re also in the north of the island which is removed from that.

Matt : I’ve been out a few times but we’re not very good partygoers. We prefer having nice dinners.

Who did the interiors in your home?

Lacey: It was very much a joint effort. We tend to like the same things. At the end of our road we have a big junkyard so I love to get things out of there and upcycle them. Our dining chairs are all from the junkyard. I sanded them, painted them and then recovered them. We try to get as many things from the island as we can and keep it all local.

Do you have a favourite purchase?

Matt: We have this tree in the garden that we call The Magic Tree and I love the swing that’s attached to it.

Lacey: Yeah, I don’t know what we would have done without that swing as both babies had their lunchtime naps when they were tiny in it. When Dusty was a baby she just used to sleep on it for hours. Trilby took a while to adjust to the heat but when Dusty came here for the first time she just slotted in. She’s a bit of an Ibiza baby. She’s a real free spirit and a bit of a hippy child. She doesn’t like clothes! [laughs]

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

Lacey: The pool is lovely and it’s massive. I also love all the palm trees. Matt is so good at doing barbecues and we love having dinner outside. There are still lots of things we want to do to the house.

Matt: I like the tennis court. When I’m at home I don’t ever play tennis, but out here it’s great. If there’s someone to play with
I’ll play tennis but if not I’ll kick a ball about on the court and then jump in the pool.

Lacey: He plays football with Dusty.

Matt: She loves it. We taught her how to say, “Football’s coming home!” during the Euros.

What other work do you have planned for the house?

Lacey: For us it’s a great big project but it’s also a slow project which is lovely because we get to do it over time. We’ve just put a new kitchen in and that’s the heart of the home. It feels like we’ve come a long way because when we bought it, it was a real dump. Next
we’ve got to do the bathrooms and then the house needs to be scraped back, rendered and painted. The woman who owned it before us replaced all the traditional Spanish features with modern ones so we’re trying to put them all back. We’re going to run terracotta floors throughout and put all the wooden windows and shutters back in. Then we’ll redo the pool and the area around it.

Has Dusty been swimming?

Lacey : She is having the time of her life being in the pool all day. It’s so nice being able to watch your kids play outside and on the beach. Dusty has basically been stuck inside since she was 18 months old with no one to play with, so I’ve loved seeing her be free.

Did you celebrate her second birthday out here?

Lacey: We had a little party for her. Most of her friends are in the UK but she has a little friend out here and her best friend from home is here with us with her mum so we had a little party with a cake and a bouncy castle.

And how is Trilby getting on?

Lacey: He’s still a dream and so chilled. He’s so much like Matt it’s crazy. He just sits there and watches everything happen. He’s getting quite big now, though, he’s quite a lump! Dusty is still great with him. She likes to bounce him in his bouncer, boss him around and put stickers all over him. She talks 24/7 so I don’t think he’ll be able to get a word in when he’s older.

Has it been lovely to have a break as a family before you go back to EastEnders, Lacey?

Lacey: Yes, it’s nice to have this family time. It will be strange to leave Trilby when we’ve been together for the past five months. But I’m excited to go back and it’s always lovely to see everyone.

Will you be going back full-time?

Lacey: Yes, but I’m really lucky because although with a big storyline you can be working like any full-time job, there are a lot of times when I’m not needed so it works out perfectly. I also live not too far away from the studios so that always makes things easier and I can pop home between filming. I’m always home for bath and bedtime, too.

Will you and Louisa Lytton be having play dates once her little one arrives?

Lacey: Yes, for sure. I’m so excited for her – she’ll be such a lovely mummy!

Kellie Bright is expecting her third child. Is there a crèche on set?

Lacey : There isn’t, although that sounds like a good idea! I like that Trilby and Matt will get to be together while I’m in work as I can just concentrate on that and not have to worry about a thing. It’s a privileged position to be in, I’m very lucky.


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How are you feeling about being a stay-at-home dad, Matt?

Matt: To be fair, I’m used to it after the last 18 months so not much is going to change. I like to think I’m quite good with kids so hopefully I’ll have them under control! [laughs]

Lacey: Dusty is going to nursery five mornings a week when we’re back from Ibiza. She was going for a couple of mornings a week before we came out here and she loved it. I think it’s really important for her to be with other kids, especially as she hasn’t had that because of Covid. It will be so nice for Matt and Trilby to have that one- on-one time together, and then me when I’m not working.

Do you think having kids has changed your relationship?

Matt: If anything it’s brought us closer together – it requires a lot of teamwork.

Lacey: You have to be a team. People say when you have kids your life changes and that’s it and it’s over, but we weren’t massive goer-outers anyway so for us it hasn’t really changed our dynamic. I do think it’s brought us closer together and it’s nice to just have a little family unit. We feel stronger together.

Would you ever renew your vows?

Matt: Maybe in a few years.

Lacey: Yeah, maybe when we make it to 10 years that would be nice to do. If we did it I’d want to have it in Ibiza in the same location and exactly the same party but without the ceremony.

Last time we spoke you said you were both keen to have more children one day. Do you still feel that way?

Lacey: I’d still have four. I would be happy with three and I’d be happy with two if this was our lot. We’re so lucky to have the two we’ve got, but I would definitely have more. It definitely won’t be any time soon, though – we have our hands full at the moment!

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