Louise Redknapps explains why shes kept her surname as ex Jamie remarries

Louise Redknapp has explained her decision to keep her surname, despite her ex-husband and former footballer Jamie Redknapp remarrying.

Jamie and Louise married in 1998, and were together for 20 years before deciding to go their separate ways.

The pair share two sons together, Beau, 12, and Charley, 17, and it’s because of them that she wants to remain a Redknapp.

When asked about keeping her surname, the mum of two told You: “People ask me about that a lot. First and foremost, my kids are Redknapps.

"I don’t want to turn up at a school function and have a different second name to my children," she continued. "I’m proud. Those little things mean a lot to me.

“Also, I’ve been a Redknapp longer than I’ve been anything else in my life. I was married to Jamie for longer than my time without him. So it’s really hard to… It’s like my last bit to cling on to,” Louise continued. “I feel like a Redknapp.”

Louise went on to say that Beau and Charley had a “tough time” coming to terms with their parent’s divorce, but added that she and Jamie are “so totally for our children”.

Since calling it quits on his first marriage in 2018,Jamie has remarried and tied the knot with pregnant girlfriend Frida Andersson-Lourie.

Jamie and Frida said 'I do' in an inmate ceremony at Chelsea Registry Office on Monday 18 October.

Louise reportedly had no idea her ex-husband was even engaged, andwas taken aback by the news of his nuptials.

A source told OK!: "Louise was quite shocked, she only found out very recently. They kept it very under wraps, nobody even knew they were engaged.

"It's very mixed emotions for her, it's difficult because she's spoken quite openly about her regret. She's blamed Strictly quite a lot but, unfortunately, you can't turn the clock back.”

The source went on to reveal that Louise only got wind of Jamie and Frida’s wedding because Beau and Charley were there.

"She didn't have a lot of time to prepare because Jamie just wanted to be married before the baby was born. He was desperate for them to be man and wife before,” they added.

While Jamie prepares for the birth of his third child,Louise is said to be throwing herself into her music.

An insider told Heat magazine: “She's been doing a lot of soul-searching – writing about her heartbreak over the marriage breakdown, and seeing your ex move on and have a baby with someone else.”

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