Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard told by Strictly star brother AJ that he is wrong

Love Island lovebirds Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart have seen their relationship crash to the ground and Strictly's AJ has some advice for his brother.

For much of this series of the ITV2 dating show, Curtis and Amy have been coupled up and looking like an old married couple after just four weeks together.

After a few days apart while the girls were sent to a second villa, Casa Amor, it has all changed for Curtis and Amy but not for the better.

Last week the pair were a self-styled half-boyfriend/half-girlfriend and now Amy wants to move it on further.

She came back to the original villa with hopes of telling Curtis that she loved him, only to find that he's had his head turned by Jourdan, a new girl that doesn't fancy him and who has coupled up with Danny Williams.

It has all turned rather messy now as Amy realises that 'gentleman' Curtis might not be the man for her after all and Curtis looks to back out of the relationship without copping too much flack for his decision.

Unfortunately, this is not something that will be sorted out smoothly and even Curtis' brother AJ believes he is doing the wrong thing.

Curtis has decided to give Amy some space so that she can take in all that has changed in her Love Island experience.

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Strictly's AJ has spoken out against this approach in a tweet aimed at his brother.

AJ wrote: "Don’t give Amy space Bro… @CurtisPritchard @LoveIsland"

It may have fallen on deaf ears though and after Amy's parting shot at Curtis, it may be that he gives her such a wide berth that they no longer cross paths.

After Curtis had admitted that he would have recoupled with Jourdan, given a chance, an upset Amy told him: "I never thought you’d do this to me, you’re the perfect man, after all. You are not.

"You can sleep on the day bed again tonight. I don't think you deserve to sleep with me!"

The bridge back to Amy's heart may be damaged forever but maybe Curtis will not be looking to rebuild it.

*Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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