Made in Chelseas Olivia Bentley doesnt know if she will see Tristan Phipps in 2022

Made in Chelsea star Olivia Bentley has revealed that she 'doesn't know' if she will see Tristan Phipps in the new year as the pair unfollow each other on Instagram.

The 26 year old, who has recently launched a CBD-infused arousal oil to promote sexual wellbeing, revealed that she will be spending Christmas at home with her parents Kevin and Kate Bentley at their sprawling country home in Henley-on-Thames.

However, Olivia, who was seen to rekindle her romance with Tristan on the E4 show after announcing they had parted ways in June, exclusively told OK! that Tristan is currently 'stuck in South Africa' amid coronavirus travel restrictions.

Speaking about her festive plans, Olivia said: "I am going to go down to my parents house in the countryside."

Meanwhile asked if she will be spending time with Tristan over Christmas she added: "Well, sadly he is actually stuck in South Africa."

Olivia also revealed that viewers 'will have to watch the show to find out' how their relationship plays out with episode 10 of series 22 set to air on Monday 13 December.

But while Tristan has immersed himself in nature by recently posting a snap of Table Mountain National Park, Olivia revealed that she is unsure if the pair will reunite after Christmas.

Asked if she will see Tristan in 2022, Olivia said: "I don't really know to be honest."

The latest series saw Olivia clash with her close friend Ollie Locke after he disapproved of his friend's decision to meet up with Tristan as she admitted that she "still loved" him.

Asked about filming the show, she added: "It was a good series. A lot went on. Although I say that I cried all the time – it wasn't good!"

However, Olivia revealed that she is 'really enjoying' working on her business, Jomo, alongside her friend and co-founder Bella Campbell, with the pair creating the pH-balanced arousal oil that 'elevates your intimate experience', according to the website.

Speaking about developing the product, Olivia explained: "The actual conversation I think I had with my business partner was, 'you know I fake orgasms?' She was like: 'I know so many people do it.'

"That is how we started talking about it. I realised that so many girls do it [fake orgasms]. It was when I was with a boyfriend, I faked it, and I thought, 'I should probably tell him the truth now.'"

Asked if there is a stigma around women talking openly about sex, Olivia added: "Yeah because then you are just called a s**g. Boys talk about it relentlessly and they are known as players and women just get this bad reputation which is so wrong because why shouldn't we all enjoy sex."

Speaking about her own experience with talking openly about sex on Made in Chelsea, Olivia continued: "Yeah, well, weirdly, I have always been a bit maybe too open about my sex life. I am one of five so we all talk very openly about that sort of thing.

"On Made in Chelsea I have never been shy to talk about it [sex] but I did used to get a lot of flack from people calling me a s***g and all this stuff because of dating so many people on the show – not necessarily sleeping with them – but then you get the blokes who s**g everything."

Jomo London CBD Arousal Oil, which is packaged in a beautiful gold bottle and priced at £48 for 30ml, is a blend of 100 per cent plant-based oils and extracts and is suitable for women who have gone through menopause or experience discomfort following medication.

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