Mike Posner Drops New Track Featuring Wiz Khalifa

Pop star Mike Posner has released a brand-new track celebrating his rise form “wannabe” to who he really “wants to be.”

Featuring rapper, Wiz Khalifa, the song, dubbed “Prince Akeem,” is a part of a series of tracks Posner has been releasing in conjunction with his Walk Across America, as he crosses into one state from another.

“This is that Michigan December flow/I got two lifetimes worth of ideas in my Evernote (Oh),” Posner belts out.

Meanwhile, the Grammy-nominated artist recently got bitten by a baby rattlesnake while on his 3000-mile walk, rendering him incapable of returning to the road for several weeks, according to his doctors, who were able to administer anti-venom just in time.

The walk, which kicked off on April 20 at Asbury Park in New Jersey will come to a close in Venice Beach, California, spanning 2,833 miles, of which he has already covered 1,800.

(Photo: Adam Bielawski)

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