Mod Sun Claims He and Bella Thorne Were Married (Exclusive)

The couple didn’t just split — they divorced, Mod claimed.

Mod Sun and Bella Thorne were husband and wife, the rapper has claimed.

The couple, who split in April, "got engaged, married and divorced" during their 15 month relationship, TooFab has been told.

The 32-year-old dropped the bombshell when reacting to the news Bella’s other ex Tana Mongeau had gotten engaged to YouTube star Jake Paul.

"That’s what young crazy people do, bro," he said. "I got engaged, married and divorced in 15 months in Hollywood. That’s what we do out here in these streets. We out here putting rings on it, that’s what our generation does."

Mod later confirmed to TooFab the bride he was referring to was indeed Bella.

While they never filed the paperwork to officially tie the knot, they did have a wedding ceremony and exchanged vows.

Back in February, fans speculated they had wed when Mod posted a clip from what appeared to be a wedding ceremony, but neither ever confirmed it.

"I know how lucky I am. I know I met u 1000 years ago," he wrote at the time. "I won’t lose u this time. I promise to rub ur toes every night, that’s our deal. I love u @bellathorne."

However Mod, whose real name is Derek Smith, recently updated his caption on the vid to: "We split but this was still a beautiful moment in my life."

In May of last year, Bella sparked engagement rumors when she flashed a massive emerald ring on her third finger, left hand, captioning it: "Da baby iced me out"; but again, neither confirmed the proposal.

Giving his congratulations to the newly engaged couple Tana and Jake, Mod had some advice for them — and was clearly drawing off his own experiences with his "ex-wife".

"If you do any business together, get your paperwork right," he advised. "Don’t get a dog together. Wait; let it play out."

He also referred to Bella’s recent ordeal in which she released her own nude pics on Twitter, after a hacker had demanded a ransom for them.

"And don’t film too much on your own phone," Mod said bursting into laughter. "Let it be known!"

He did have some kind words for his ex however.

"I keep that girl in my prayers right now," he said, getting serious for a moment. "I’m a little worried about what the mind goes through. Keeping my thoughts positive for all that."

Bella’s publicist declined to comment.

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