‘Muppets!’ Nick Knowles slams Christian Horner and Red Bull fans as incapable of truth

DIY SOS: Nick Knowles introduces orphans who lost their mum

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Nick Knowles, 59, has taken to Twitter in a post calling out Red Bull racing fans after a Twitter user posted an aggressive message with Nick tagged in. The expletive-laden post was retweeted by the TV presenter, in view of his 171,000 followers. 

It came after upset Twitter user, @p1733ctn, called out Nick, writing: “You really are a stupid sad ****. Stick to DIY and f*** off away from F1.” 

The BBC star responded, criticising Formula 1 for being “so happy” to have such fans in the sport. 

He wrote: “Another quality Red Bull fan response – always worth showing these muppets up.

“These are the new fans @F1and @redbullracing are so happy to have in the sport.

“Someone’s Mum needs to restrict his access to the internet & tidy his bedroom.” 

He furthered on the subject in a separate tweet, lashing out at Red Bull boss Christian Horner: “Good grief. It’s clear in his own timeline he’s a Red Bull fan.

“Good grief – they are all – from team boss to fanbase – incapable of truth even with their own evidence in front of them.” 

Nick’s second angry post was in response to a tweet by user @Speedworx41, who had penned: “Red Bull 1-2. That’s how to start your birthday.” 

In a previous post, the same user had claimed he was a McLaren fan. 

Nick’s followers were keen to support him in the comment section, with some urging the F1 to “target abusive fans” of Red Bull star Max Verstappen. 

@Yesman073 wrote: “That’s why this new FIA directive needs to target Max fans.

“In 40 years of watching F1 I have never known abuse like the kind that comes from Max fans.

“It’s only appeared since they did!! The Austrian GP being a perfect example!!” 

@DJMarcanthonyuk said: “Somehow I really doubt he/she would ever have courage to speak like this face to face. 

“Sad little children living in dream land.” 

@Specter_Harvey penned: “They are not called most toxic team in the history of the sport for nothing, Nick,” referring to Red Bull. 

@Chris2400 put: “He soon deleted it. 

“Mummy must have told him to get ready for school.” 

DIY SOS has been on BBC One since 1999, until being re-formatted to DIY SOS: The Big Build. 

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