Never been a PM like it! Brian Cox staggered at Boris ‘losing his cool’ – ‘extraordinary’

PMQs: Boris Johnson says he will 'be advised by Lord Geidt'

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Brian Cox, 53, has admitted on Twitter that he does not recall ever seeing a prime minister lose their “cool quite so spectacularly” than today at Prime Minister’s Questions. The English physicist compared Boris Johnsons’ response to Sir Keir Starmer during the debate to that of actor Jack Nicholson in legal drama A Few Good Men.

Extraordinary scenes

Brian Cox

Brian typed on Twitter in view of his 3 million followers: “I don’t think I’ve seen a Prime Minister lose their cool quite so spectacularly at PMQs.

“Reminded me of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. Extraordinary scenes.”

Underneath some fans said it was justifiable that Mr Johnson would be angered after being asked what they felt were “ridiculous questions”.

One said: “He’s probably p***ed off by people asking completely ridiculous, unimportant questions, rather than being at the bridge, steering our mighty nation out of a pandemic. I say get back to it Boris, you’re doing a great job. I get my second covid vaccination jab in a weeks time.” (sic)

A second replied: “Keir Starmer should really know better getting his info from MSM newspaper outlets ‘sources’ seeing as he was previously a lawyer. Dirty tactics in the run-up to an election. “

While others believed that Mr Johnson was acting “guilty” after claims the public contributed towards the price of the renovation of his Downing Street flat.

A third commented: “Starmer, as a lawyer, obviously doesn’t get his info from the MSM he knows the truth or he wouldn’t have said it.  And Johnson proved it by repeatedly failing to answer the question. ‘The British Public’ don’t want a PM who can be bought.”

Another responded: “See Starmer just sitting back and letting him rant on. I think someone hit a nerve, I just wonder which one. Great to see, keeping pressing.”

The PM appeared to lose his cool after Labour leader Mr Starmer pressed him over who had paid the initial renovation fee on his Downing Street flat.

At points, the prime minister looked visibly angry during the fiery exchange over the revamp of the Downing Street flat and speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle had to intervene to tell heckling MPs to “calm it down”.

Sir Keir pressed the PM: “Who initially, and prime minister, ‘initially’ is the key word here, who initially paid for the redecoration of his Downing Street flat?”

Mr Johnson replied: “As for the latest stuff that he is bringing up, he should know that I have paid for Downing Street refurbishment personally.

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“And I contrast it… any further declaration that I have to make, if any, I will be advised upon by Lord Geidt.

Sir Keir refused to let it lie and quipped: “Normally when people don’t want to incriminate themselves they go ‘no comment’.

“Either the taxpayer paid the initial invoice, or it was the Conservative Party or it was a private donor or it was the prime minister.

“So I’m making it easy for the prime minister – it’s now multiple choice. There are only four options – it should be easier than finding the Chatty Rat. Who paid the initial invoice for the redecoration of the prime minister’s flat? The initial invoice?”

Mr Johnson hit back: “I’ve given him the answer and the answer is I have covered the costs and I think most people will find it absolutely bizarre.

“Of course the Electoral Commission are investigating this and I can tell him that I’ve conformed in full with the code of conduct, with the ministerial code, officials have been advising me throughout this whole thing.

“But I think people will think it absolutely bizarre that he is focusing on this issue when what people want to know is what plans a Labour Government might have to improve the lives of people in this country…”

Prime ministers are provided with an annual allowance of up to £30,000 of taxpayer’s money to contribute to costs of maintaining and furnishing the four-bedroom flat, which is grade one listed.

However, there has been speculation over who picked up the tab for the PM’s £200,000 renovations over the past week as an investigation has now been launched into the matter.

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