Owain Wyn Evans addresses hopes he could replace Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast

Weather man Owain Wyn Evans is driving Naga Munchetty 'nuts'

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Owain Wyn Evans is much loved by BBC Breakfast fans as the cover weather presenter on the morning news show. However, in an exclusive chat with Express.co.uk, the star addressed if he could make the transition to fronting the programme.

Louise Minchin recently left the BBC Breakfast red sofa after 20 years presenting the show.

So far, her permanent replacement has not been announced with many rumours flying around.

Ever since Owain made his debut on the show back in February, fans have been keen to see more of him.

However, the star admitted he has no plans to make the switch to hosting the show.

Talking about if he could take on the role, Owain said: “Oh, my gosh, as a news presenter?

“I don’t know. I’ve done journalism and I was a journalist for years before I was a weather presenter.

“I think what I do encapsulates a lot of things, you know?

“I see myself as a science communicator and a weather presenter, all of these things.”

The star also addressed if he’d ever take over from Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast as well.

Speaking about this, the broadcaster continued: “There’s no position on BBC Breakfast, Carol isn’t going anywhere.

“And we love to see Carol on the TV, I think that she’s the absolute queen of weather.

“And no matter how much of a queen I am darling, I’ll never be able to take that title, even if I wanted to.

“You know, I wouldn’t want it. I’m loving the work I’m doing on BBC Breakfast.

“And Carol isn’t going anywhere soon so, to me, there isn’t any point in thinking about that I guess.”

The pair have been good friends since before Owain first landed the role covering on BBC Breakfast.

He shared how their relationship goes way back, as well as how Carol sent him a lovely message after he landed the job.

Owain said: “I used to work with her actually because I was a weather producer for BBC Weather down in London.

“I produced the graphics and helped shape the weather story, that sort of thing.

“So I worked really closely with Carol for many, many years.

“And she’s just as warm and lovely as she appears on screen in real life.”

The meteorologist added: “When I started doing the weather cover shifts, she sent me a lovely message, just say, ‘All the best, you’ll smash it.’”

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